Kimbo Extreme Blend Whole Bean Espresso

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Kimbo Aroma Intenso Whole Bean Espresso

By: Kimbo Espresso Italiano

Kimbo's Aroma Intenso is a full bodied, medium roast espresso blend. With a 40/60 Arabica/Robusta ratio, the Robusta heavy Aroma Intenso is intense as its name suggests, but never bitter. Sweet and bold, Crema Intenso produces rich crema and a lasting aroma. Sold in 2.2 lb Bags of Whole Bean Coffee
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Kimbo Crema Intensa Whole Bean Espresso

By: Kimbo Espresso Italiano

A medium roast Arabica Robusta blend, Kimbo Crema Intensa is idea for anybody looking for a wakeup call from their espresso. Blending coffees from Asia and South America, Crema Intensa combines full bodied shots with delicate notes of spice and rich crema. Sold in 2.2 lb Bags of Whole Bean Coffee
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Kimbo's Extreme Blend whole bean espresso was crafted to satisfy the most demanding gourmets. Extreme Blend is predominantly made up of Arabica coffees sourced from Brazil and Central America, selected and roasted in the style of the old Neapolitan master roasters. This dark roast espresso produces a full bodied espresso with an intense aroma and decisive flavor.

Available in 2.2lb Bags


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