Kimbo Medium Roast Sampler Pack

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Kimbo Prestige Whole Bean Espresso

By: Kimbo Espresso Italiano

Blended from carefully selected beans, and precisely roasted, Kimbo's Prestige espresso expertly combines the qualities of coffees from the Americas and Asia. Prestige is a medium roast espresso that produces a well-balanced cup with an intense aroma and a delicate flavor. Available in 2.2lb Bags
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Kimbo Extra Cream Whole Bean Espresso

By: Kimbo Espresso Italiano

The sweet flavor of Kimbo's Extra Cream espresso is the result of a careful blend of beans from Brazil, Central America and Asia. This balanced medium roast espresso strikes a perfect harmony between sweetness and acidity. Extra Cream produces a full-bodied espresso with a decisive flavor and persistent crema. Avail...
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Kimbo 100% Arabica Top Flavour Whole Bean Espresso

By: Kimbo Espresso Italiano

Top Flavour is a refined blend of 100% Arabica coffees, hand selected by Kimbo's experts in the Central American Highlands. This medium roast espresso is perfect balance of sweetness and slight acidity that produces a medium-bodied cup with a pervasive aroma. Available in 2.2lb Bags
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Experience authentic medium roast Neapolitan coffee with the Kimbo Sampler Pack. This whole bean sample comes with a bag each of Kimbo Coffee's Prestige, Extra Cream, and Top Flavour whole bean espresso blends. Find a new favorite or fall in love with all three, Kimbo strives to deliver a definitively Italian espresso experience.

Includes three 2.2lb bags.


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