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Klatch Coffee Drip Coffee Sampler

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Package Includes
1x Klatch Coffee Blue Thunder 12oz Whole Bean $12.95
1x Klatch Coffee Breakfast Blend 12oz Whole Bean $12.95
1x Klatch Coffee House Blend 12oz Whole Bean $12.95
1x Klatch Coffee Mocha Java 12oz Whole Bean $13.95
Value: $52.80



The classic way to start your day is with the medium-light roasted Breakfast Blend. A bright beverage with sweet nuances, you can expect delicate chocolate and floral flavors, punctuated by apple and pear notes.

Created with prized Sumatra Blue Lintong beans, Klatch Coffee Blue Thunder is a dark full-bodied roast producing bold, smoky beverages with sweet nuances.

House Blend, legendary in Klatch’s own coffee houses, is a mellow, sweet medium roast blended from premium Indonesian, South and Central American whole beans.

Finally, to round out this exceptional sampler package, we include Klatch’s Mocha Java. Produced with natural (dried-in-the-fruit) whole beans from Ethiopia’s famed Harrar and Amaro regions, Klatch’s Mocha Java is a luxurious, aromatic coffee.

This Klatch Coffees whole bean sampler includes:



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