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Klatch Coffee Espresso Sampler

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Package Includes
1x Klatch Coffee Belle Espresso 12oz Whole Bean $13.50
1x Klatch Coffee FTO Espresso 12oz Whole Bean $13.95
1x Klatch Coffee House Espresso 12oz Whole Bean $12.95
1x Klatch Coffee World's Best Espresso 12oz Whole Bean $15.95
Value: $56.35



Klatch Coffees' World's Best Espresso consists of three legendary beans: Sumatra Lake Tawar, Ethiopian Natural, and Brazil Yellow Bourbon. Chocolate and citrus flavors dominate the top note, before giving way to spice and berry nuances. The fair-trade, organic Klatch FTO Espresso is a blend of African, Indonesian, South and Central American whole bean coffees. This medium-roast espresso exudes deep, lingering flavors of cinnamon and nuts. The five-bean blend of House Espresso consists of premium Indonesian and American coffees, carefully roasted to yield a rich espresso with smooth chocolate flavors and deep fruit finish. Klatch Coffees' Belle Espresso is a beautiful medium-dark whole bean blend with intense flavors and aromas. Notes of brandy, caramel, chocolate and cedar intermingle to create Belle Espresso’s smooth, rounded flavor profile.

This Klatch Coffees whole bean sampler includes:



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