Mahlkonig K 30 Vario Espresso Grinder

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Owning the Mahlkonig K 30 Vario Espresso Grinder

The Mahlkonig K 30 Vario Espresso Grinder is a great choice for a commercial coffee service needing to brew 2 to 3 double shots of espresso per minute. It will maintain a consistent grind over thousands of operations and is easy to setup and maintain. You can grind 5000 shots before it needs cleaning. And 100,000 before the burrs need replacing. A simple locking knob and slider on the top of the casing allows for infinitely variable grind fineness. The 65mm steel grinding discs are belt driven by a powerful motor and provide very quick delivery of grinds into your portafilter. The receiver is adjustable to fit all sizes of portafilters. Its unique shape holds the portafilter steady allowing you to operate the grinder just by setting it in the receiver where it engages a switch that runs the motor.

The programmable controls provide easy adjustment of grind time to establish pre-sets for dose sizes or to bypass the pre-sets for manual dosing. Independent dosing pre-sets of single and double shot sizes can be saved in memory, one setting for each of the two buttons on the front of the body. Pre-setting the dose size is accomplished by setting grind-time with the twin push buttons and tuning knobs. The controls also keep track of additional information including shot counters for single, double, barista, and life. It also has resettable alerts for cleaning and disc change. Ground coffee loses more than half of its aroma within about 15 minutes due to oxygen, humidity and light dissolving the volatile aromas out of the broken cells. The whole bean protects the aroma inside the cells until grinding occurs. In order to minimize the aroma loss Grind-on-Demand-grinders only grind the amount of coffee beans that are needed for the shot. Dosing is done through a timer in the grinder’s software. Therefore Grind-on-Demand ensures constant quality in every cup and equal treatment for every customer because every dose for every cup is freshly ground. The K 30 Vario Espresso Grinder operates when a portafilter is engaged in the receiver allowing portion controlled fluffy fresh grounds for espresso to drop right into the portafilter.

A feature called the break-function allows you to interrupt the grind to do a partial tamp by just removing the portafilter. Returning the portafilter to the receiver continues the grind. The controller will remember how much grind time is remaining and show it on the LCD display. If you don’t want to continue the grind, the memory can be cleared by pressing the buttons. Safety devices include a microswitch that senses correct mounting of the bean hopper and keeps the machine from running until the bean hopper is correctly seated and locked into position. A circuit breaker accessible on the rear of the housing protects the machine against external power surges. Foreign objects in the grind chamber are sensed by motor winding heat build-up and if the motor heats up significantly the machine will shut off. The grinder cannot be started again. Let it rest for about 30 minutes. The thermal switch will re-connect the motor automatically.


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