Outdoors Espresso Package

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Hario Mini-Mill Slim Plastic Coffee Grinder

By: Hario

The Hario Mini Mill coffee grinder is hand powered and portable, ideal for those who prefer their joe on the go.
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Handpresso Outdoor Cups

By: Handpresso

Complete Your Set-Up with the Handpresso Outdoor Cups Light, elegant, and strong, these cups can be anywhere your adventures take you. Sold in sets of two and made from a transparent polycarbonate, these espresso cups offer fantastic thermal insulation and 1.69 oz holding capacity. They are dishwasher safe, but are ...
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RSVP Stainless Steel 49mm Flat Tamper in Red

By: Whole Latte Love

Complete Your Set-Up with the RSVP Stainless Steel 49mm Flat Tamper RSVP has designed these sleek, commercial-style 18/8 stainless steel tampers for portafilters with 49mm diameters. This tamper is compatible with the ROK Manual Espresso Maker and features a red or blue acrylic accent.
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Gimme! Coffee Leftist Espresso Blend

By: Gimme! Coffee

One of Gimme! Coffee's most popular blends, Leftist is a mix of a number of single origin coffees that has been optimized for espresso brewing, but works nicely with other preparation methods as well. It has been called intense, flavorful, viscous, and complex. It has a bright flavor that cuts through milk quite nic...
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Owning the Outdoors Espresso Package

The Outdoors Espresso Package has everything you need to get started brewing in the great outdoors. All of these items are highly portable and are ideal companions to the ROK Espresso Maker. Your grinder, the Hario Mini-Mill Slim weighs only 11.2oz and can hold up to 2 cups worth of ground coffee. When it comes to drinkware, the Handpresso Unbreakable cups can go anywhere and survive just about any kind of storage, they hold 1.69oz and are made of transparent polycarbonate. Lastly, the RSVP 49mm tamper is the only tamper we carry that fits the ROK's unique 49mm portafilter. The tampers are made out of durable stainless steel and feature red acrylic accents. We've also included a bag of Gimme! Coffee's Leftist Espresso Blend.


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