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Pellini Caffe Top 100% Arabica Pods

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Pellini Espresso Top Class 100% Arabica is a premium certified organic coffee. It is a full bodied coffee with outstanding créma and medium caffeine content. You will find yourself drawn to the smooth and unique taste of this Pellini Café blend that is a great choice for an all-day coffee drink. The pods are 7 grams each and come in bags of 150.


Flavor Notes
Taste Notes: Smooth
Best For Brewing
Espresso: ESE Pod
Coffee Condition
Single Serve: ESE Pod
Coffee State
Regular Caffeine: Medium
Coffee Botanical
Species: 100 % Arabica
Coffee Packaging
Container: Bag
Container Size: 150 ESE Pods
Coffee Type
Blend: Yes
100% Arabica: Yes
Coffee Origin
Where Roasted: Italy
Country Imported From: Italy
Social & Environmental
Organic: Yes


Ronald L. asked:

Is this 50 or 150 pods? It says 50, but the price indicates that it's 150. Also, you should code it as ESE pods so that it comes up in ESE pod searches/filters.

Answer by mjackson:

It is 150 pods thanks for pointing out our error and we will get it corrected. All the Pods we sell are ESE pods and I will have them look at the search parameters as well.

Ronald L. asked:

Is this 50 or 150 pods? You list it as 50, but based on the price, I think it should be 150. Also, you should code it so that it comes up as ESE pods in filters/searches (it doesn't now).

Answer by Mary Ann:

Hi Ronald, Looks as though we did have a typo! There are 150 pods. Thanks:-)

Ivan asked:

Are these ESE pods? If not, what are they.

Answer by techkathy:

Ivan - these are ESE pods.


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