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Pellini Caffe Top 100% Arabica Pods now past the best-buy date

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This product is now past the best-buy date of 6/30/14

Pellini Espresso Top Class 100% Arabica is a premium certified organic coffee. It is a full bodied coffee with outstanding créma and medium caffeine content. You will find yourself drawn to the smooth and unique taste of this Pellini Café blend that is a great choice for an all-day coffee drink. The pods are 7 grams each and come in bags of 150.


how long can you use coffee after its date of sale


Answer by Sanfam:

Technically speaking, the effective shelf life of a coffee is somewhat further out by the Best-By date; It all depends on whether you are sensitive to those aspects of its flavor that may have changed with age.  As someone who has used this exact coffee two years past its "best by" date, I would expect reduced Crema production and some more earthy flavor notes.

Answer by Judith Bunch:



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