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Rattleware Large Round Handle Tamper

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Made of Stainless Steel, the large round handle tamper features highly durable, impact resistant ABS handles. Available with a 53, 57 and 58 millimeter base.

Helpful hint: Measure the inside of your portafilter insert to guarantee the proper fit of the tamper.

Height from base to top of handle is 3 inches. Weight is 1 lb.


JFSchupbach asked:

Which size do you buy to go with the Gaggia Baby Class?

Answer by ShaneAncefsky-Sales:


Thank you for the question, you would need a 58mm.

Rod asked:

Can I use the 53mm tamper with the La Pavoni EPC-8?

Answer by Maggie:

That will actually be too large-the La Pavoni machines require a 51 mm tamper.

Alan asked:

So Rattleware has 3 different tampers - large round, small round, and angular. Is one preferable over another? It is hard to decide from a picture.

Answer by A:

The only difference is the size/shape of the black handle. What really matters is the size of your hands, and which one is going to be more comfortable to work with. The Small Round Handle is ideal for smaller hands, and for people who like to use their fingers to line the tamper up to the rim of the filter basket, the Angular is a middle of the road, and the Large Round Handle is for bigger hands and for people who prefer the grind coarse/tamp hard method.

Ari asked:

Rattleware Large Round Handle Tamper

OK - so is firm tamping required for a pressurized filter basket or not? Seems that consensus out there is split!
I use preground coffee (Lavazza) and the PFB.
Also, is the PFB the recommended choice for preground coffee use like I am doing? And how does that relate to conventional firm tamping, etc.?

Answer by A:

With the pressurized PFB you only need to tamp to get the grounds below the rim. I would suggest not pressing down so hard that you are actually creating a puck, as the basket is going to be building the pressure on its own. And yes, the pressurized PFB is going to allow you to use preground coffee with still pulling a decent, consistent shot.

Answer by Ari:

Thanks Chris, so does that mean I should not invest in a good tamper and just use the silly plastic one that came with the machine (Gaggia Baby)? What if I use the "Commercial grade" filter basket - does conventional firm tamping needed more in that case? Or is it not recommended to use the "Commercial grade" filter basket for preground coffee?

Answer by A:

When "tamping" with the pressurized filter basket, you are only doing so to level them out and get them below the rim. You do not need to worry about pressure when using that basket - so the plastic one is OK. If you were you use the Commercial basket then you would absolutely want to step up to a good quality tamper.

Answer by Ari:

Ok, but is it not recommended to use preground for commercial basket?


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