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Rattleware Stainless Steel Latte Art Pitcher

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The Rattleware Stainless Steel Latte Art Pitcher has a tapered spout that makes it perfect for performing latte art. The Rattleware Latte Art Pitcher is available in 12, 20, and 32 oz sizes. (The 32oz (100cl) size is 5” tall, 3.5” in diameter at the top and 6.63” in diameter at the bottom.)

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Are the bottom edges curved to promote whirlpool? Does the curve allow for milk to flow towards the spout gently with out dumping too much milk too quickly? I currently have an ikea pitcher and it's has a rather hard inner edge. When Ipour my milk, the flow starts too quickly and heavily, causing me to get an uneven pour. I am looking for one that is more gentle that will allow for more control.

Answer by Sanfam:

You've basically hit on the primary selling points of a pitcher of this design.  Essentially, it's purpose is to allow the milk to roll smoothly while steaming and not get caught up in the corners, as would happen with a more hard-edged or wider-mouthed pitcher.    As another option, I'd also recommend the Espro Toroid 2 frothing pitcher, which is designed not only with rolled sides, but a rolled center to create the smoothest mix possible.

Ang asked:

This is new or old model of Rw? The spout are difference ryte?

Answer by mjackson:

To be honest I think they have always been the same. I know we buy often and a lot so I am pretty sure we have the newest ones available. I like these pitchers a lot and especially at the price we have them at.

Peter asked:

What is the height of the 12 oz. pitcher? What is the height of the 20 oz. pitcher?

Answer by A:

The height on the 12 oz pitcher is 3.75", and the 20 oz pitcher is 4.5". Both of them will fit under the steam wand of pretty much any machine. We prefer the 20 oz pitcher here to allow for more than enough room for texturing our milk!

David asked:

Does the 12 oz. hold 12 oz. max or can froth 12 oz in it easily?

Answer by Tracys:

The 12oz is the total capacity. Depending on your espresso machine and steam wand clearance you may want to consider the 20oz which can easily accommodate 12oz of frothed milk. You can expect the milk to expand when frothing and a larger steaming pitcher will be easier to use for multiple drinks.


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