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Refurbished Gaggia Titanium Plus Espresso Machine

By: Gaggia
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When you see the words “Gaggia Titanium,” you know you can expect the best. The Gaggia Titanium Plus stays true to its name, featuring 2 boilers so there’s no downtime between brewing and steaming, a blue LCD display, temperature control, stainless steel front panel, an automatic frothing attachment, and much more. The Titanium Plus also adds a new spin to the traditional Gaggia Titanium design with the addition of the E. Plus system: an easy-to-use knob that you can turn any time during the brewing process to change the strength of your espresso.

The Gaggia Titanium Plus is a perfect machine for not just daily use, but entertaining as well. An active cup warmer will keep up to 6 demitasse cups warm, while the stainless steel-lined brew boiler and separate boiler for steam will ensure that you can make cappuccinos, lattes, and other coffee house drinks back-to-back for your guests. The included stainless steel Turbo Frother lets you manually froth or steam milk, and the Titanium Plus also comes with Gaggia’s patented automatic frothing attachment to make it even easier. If your guests prefer decaf, or a type of coffee other than the one in your bean hopper, the Titanium Plus also features a bypass doser. And, since the coffee spout is adjustable, you can brew into a variety of cup sizes with ease. A removable brew group, dump box, drip tray, and 60 oz water reservoir make cleaning up after large gatherings a simple and fast process. Take all of these outstanding features and house them in durable steel housing, and you have a wonderful addition to any kitchen.


chuck_yul asked:

Hello whta is the difference between Titanium vs Titaniun plus?

Do both refurbished machine do auto froth?

Thanks you


Answer by Erik:

The Titanium Plus has the introduction of the E Plus system to the Gaggia Titanium.  This is a knob on the front of the machine that would allow you to increase or restrict water flow through the coffee puck to change the strength of the extraction.


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