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Refurbished Saeco Royal Automatic One Touch Cappuccino Espresso Machine

By: Saeco
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How do you get a coffee café into your home so you and your family and friends can enjoy all of your favorite café style drinks including Espresso, Cappuccino, Lattes, Macchiatos and Americanos, Tea and Hot Cocoa at-home? The obvious answer is theSaeco Royal Automatic One Touch Cappuccino Espresso Machine!

Saeco Engineering has designed and created an affordable double boiler machine that incorporates all of their extensive knowledge about brewing espresso with great aroma, frothing milk into a wonderful micro-foam, providing user ergonomics and safety, and building friendly electronic controls all while making the machine easy to clean and maintain.

The Saeco Royal Automatic One Touch Cappuccino Espresso Machine has extensive features that allow you to customize your next espresso or cappuccino to your desired strength by adjusting the amount of coffee grounds, water volume and brewing temperature and length of time for pre-infusion with simple touch controls from cup-to-cup; or just select one-touch to brew the last setting instantly. It also includes a hot-water dispenser for tea and powdered drinks and a by-pass doser for pre-ground espresso coffee.

While a good super-automatic espresso machine creates the coffee café drinks you desire at-home, a great one considers all of the at-home process and the Saeco Royal Automatic One Touch Cappuccino Espresso Machine is a great machine! Preparation, clean-up and maintenance are as carefully engineered as any other feature of the machine.

Re-filling the 74oz high-capacity water reservoir with its built in water filter for using regular tap water, adding coffee beans to the 12oz capacity bean hopper, and emptying the 20-puck dregs drawer and the drip tray are a breeze. Everything is accessible quickly and easily.

Cleaning and sanitizing the Cappuccinatore milk delivery system is easily performed by inserting the suction hose into clean water and running the Cappuccinatore wash cycle; and the removable Cappuccinatore is dishwasher safe. The brewing system also has a cleaning cycle and a de-scaling cycle for performing those functions as needed. The brew group removes quickly for daily rinsing.

  • Dimensions: 13.2 W x 15 H x 17.7 D inches
    inches (336x380x450 mm)
  • Weight: 33lb (15kg)
  • Power: 1400W 110V (4W on energy saving stand-by)
  • Bean hopper capacity: 12.3oz (350gr)
  • Water reservoir capacity: 74.4oz (2.2l)
  • Dump Box capacity: 20 servings
  • Boiler material: Stainless Steel
  • Pump Pressure: 15 bar
  • Housing: Plastic front & top / metal sides and rear
  • Color: Glossy Silver
  • Energy saving: Selectable Eco-mode
  • Cup-warmer: Active heat (can be turned off for energy saving)
  • Removable Drip-tray with a “full” pop-up warning float
  • Adjustable dispenser for different height cups
  • Safety devices include thermostats and thermal protectors to shut off power
  • Country of origin: Italy
  •  Cleaning:
    • Automatic milk circuit rinse
    • Brewing system rinse self-cleaning cycle
    • Water system descaling cycle



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