Rocket Espresso R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

The Rocket Espresso R58 features dual boilers, each regulated by a PID temperature controller for consistent brewing. Its rotary pump is near-silent and lets you plumb the machine directly into a water line for even easier operation.

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Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto Espresso Machine

By: Rocket Espresso

The Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto features dual boilers, each regulated by a PID temperature controller for consistent brewing. Its rotary pump is near-silent and lets you plumb the machine directly into a water line for even easier operation.
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Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Cronometro R Espresso Machine

By: Rocket Espresso

The Mozzafiato Cronometro R from Rocket Espresso is a heat exchange machine featuring a PID temperature controller, near silent rotary pump, and thoughtfully redesigned E61 group with integrated pre-infusion. Plumb it directly into a water line for even easier operation.
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Rocket Espresso R58 Overview

The R58 V2 is one of Rocket’s dual boiler espresso machines, where steam and brew water are housed in independent boilers which are each temperature-controlled by a dual PID system. The PIDs regulate the temperatures within each boiler, and allow you to make adjustments to accommodate different roast profiles.

Features and Performance

Rather than integrating the PID into the front of the R58, Rocket opted to create a handheld device which can be removed from the side of the machine as desired, which we think is innovative and functional. To bolster the temperature stability provided by the PIDs, Rocket uses the E61 group, which syphons hot water from the brew boiler, through the group, and back, to ensure the brew water always flows down a heated path.

As on their other machines, the E61 present on the R58 features Rocket’s innovative dual pre-infusion system, which utilizes a static chamber as well as a mechanical working piston which progressively pre-infuses to ensure a fully saturated, crema-rich extraction. The R58 also features a commercial-grade rotary pump, which, on top of being incredibly quiet, offers the option to plumb the machine directly into a water line.

We love plumbed machines. You never have to worry about filling up the reservoir again; plus, you can easily integrate a filtration system, such as BWT, to eliminate harmful minerals and the need to descale your machine. Another nice feature is the external pressure adjustment controls, which allow you to easily experiment with different brew pressures and see your changes immediately take effect on the dual gauges. This is perfect for the curious owner who likes to experiment.

At its heart, the R58 features a 0.58 L brew boiler and 1.8 L steam boiler, which pump out shot after shot and fuel a powerful steam wand. Said steam wand is no-burn, along with its hot water counterpart. Integrated sensors monitor the boiler and reservoir levels, and alert you when they’re running low on water. If, for whatever reason, they aren’t refilled promptly, the R58 will automatically shut down to prevent a dry-boil. You can avoid this entirely, though, by plumbing the machine in.

Why You Should Get It

The R58 comes with Rocket’s excellent full color training materials and USB extras, a branded stainless tamper and a lot of other goodies to get you started on the right foot. Speaking of feet, shave some height off the R58 by adjusting the tapered feet down to size. This rock ‘em sock ‘em Rocket won’t let you down. It’s reliable, innovative and thoughtfully designed.

Commercial Rotary Pump

The R58 is equipped with a commercial grade rotary pump with external pressure adjustment controls, allowing users to fine tune pump pressure while viewing the dedicated pressure gauge. Rocket reconfigured the internal architecture of the pump to increase efficiency and reduce noise creating the one of the quietest rotary pumps around.


Commercial Rotary Pump

Dual PID Temperature Controllers

Both the 0.58 L brew boiler and 1.8 L steam boiler have dedicated PIDs regulating their temperatures to the degree. Users can easily make temperature adjustments to each on the controller to accommodate various roasts, and, for added convenience, it can be removed from its place on the side of the machine.


Dual PID Temperature Controllers

Direct Water Line Connection

A dedicated control switch allows users to alternate between drawing water from the 2.5 liter reservoir or plumbing the R58 directly into a water line. We recommend incorporating a BWT water filter into the plumb line to remove scale building minerals from the water, thus improving the coffee taste and longevity of your machine.


Direct Water Line Connection

Reimagined E61 Brew Group

In a traditional E61 brew group, hot water is constantly circulated between the boiler and brew-group to ensure proper brewing temperature. Rocket incorporates a dual pre-infusion system into their E61, which consists of a chamber and mechanical working piston, to aid the extraction and ensure the grounds are fully saturated upon brewing.


Reimagined E61 Brew Group


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