ROK Espresso Refurbishment Kit

ROK Espresso Refurbishment Kit

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ROK GC Conversion Kit


This 4-piece kit has everything you need to upgrade your ROK Espresso Maker! With a new brewing chamber, piston, shower screen, and gasket, the ROK Espresso Maker GC (Glass Composite) can brew richer, more crema topped espresso than before. The improved piston design allows the GC to achieve higher levels of pressur...
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 <p>Keep your ROK espresso maker performing like new with this 10-piece refurbishment kit. All of these parts are authentic and easy to install, so there’s no need to send your espresso maker into shop for service. The ROK Refurbishment Kit includes the following:</p>
<li>One Plunger</li>
<li>One Water Chamber</li>
<li>One Silicon Filter</li>
<li>Three O-Rings</li>
<li>Four Rubber Feet</li>