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Te Teas

By: Te Teas
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2x Te Teas Imperial Breakfast Blend Tea $15.90
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Te teas

To capture the high quality taste of loose tea without the mess of infusers or tea balls, Té Teas has created a line of bags that allow for the best extraction from their whole leaf teas. Their nylon tea sachets provide plenty of room for water to extract the most flavor from Té Teas’ leaves and herbal blends. Made from premium whole leaf teas, exotic spices, and fragrant flowers, each unique flavor will transport you to a different part of the globe. With a sip of Guava Leaf Herbal Infusion, you’ll be relaxing on the Caribbean coast, while the wafting scent of Sweetest Jasmine Pearls will carry you to an elegant Chinese teahouse. With 10 blends with a variety of caffeine levels, you’re sure to find a tea to suit your taste. Each variety of tea is available in packs of 2 boxes, with 12 individually-wrapped sachets in each box. The Premium Sampler comes in packs of 2 boxes, with each box containing 2 bags of Organic Heavenly Berry, White Silk Earl Grey, Black Velvet Chai, Dream Goddess Oolong, Organic Forest Green, Organic South Pacific Green, Peppermint Chamomile Jazz, Imperial Breakfast Blend, Sweetest Jasmine Pearls, and Organic Roobios Mandarin Twist.

No Caffeine

  • Peppermint Chamomile Jazz: A soothing herbal blend of peppermint leaves and chamomile flowers.


Very Low Caffeine

  • Guava Leaf Herbal Infusion: Guava leaves and black tea mix to create a delicious flavor with light, minty overtones.
  • White Silk Earl Grey: A refreshing twist on the classic tea, bergamot oil adds a citrus aroma to whole white tea leaves.

Low Caffeine

  • Rooibos Mandarin Twist: Rooibos tea from South Africa, a red tea, comes together with real mandarin orange peels for a wonderful blend.
  • South Pacific Green: Pieces of pineapple and whole green tea leaves create a fruity mix of flavors from the Pacific Rim.
  • Sweetest Jasmine Pearls: When brewed, these hand-rolled green tea pearls release the soothing aroma of real jasmine.
  • Winter Mist Bouquet (only available in Premium Sampler): A light, sweet, and refreshing green tea from the Fujian Province of China.

Regular Caffeine

  • Black Velvet Chai (only available in Premium Sampler): A warming blend of black tea and a variety of spices, included cardamom, cinnamon, and clove, making it perfect when mixed with milk.
  • Calming Lavender: Black tea is blended with rose petals and lavender, adding a relaxing fragrance to whole leaf black tea.
  • Imperial Breakfast Blend: A blend of smooth black tea that’s wonderful when paired with milk and sugar.



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