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Teaposy Concert Series Concerto

Teaposy Concert Series Concerto

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Teaposy Concert Series Concerto

The delicate, earthy flavor of oolong tea is best described as both similar to black and green tea. Teaposy brings out oolong’s naturally fruity finish with the addition of lily and osmanthus blossoms, which bring with them sweet floral notes and the scent of apricots. All together, this brisk, full-bodied tea has hints of spice and citrus with a mellow finish. Such an indulgence has never been so guilt-free. This blend is well flavored with sweet and floral notes, so you won’t find yourself reaching for sugar or artificial sweeteners while you enjoy. Teaposy Concerto is virtually calorie-free; enjoy it as is, for the best taste and the most health benefits.

Just as the flavors blend and balance each other, the health benefits are in sync too. Lily is said to reduce the symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) and help relieve stress and tension. Osmanthus is said to help relieve tension headaches and relax the body – the perfect complement to the relaxing effects of watching Teaposy bloom. Although oolong may sound unfamiliar to us, it has been a part of Chinese tradition for over 400 years. With only 20 to 55 milligrams of caffeine per cup as compared to coffee’s 115 milligrams per cup, oolong can give you just the little bit of extra energy you need. It has been shown to aid in weight loss and reduce cholesterol levels due to its ability to activate enzymes that dissolve fat in the body.