Teaposy Concert Series Duet

Teaposy Concert Series Duet

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Teaposy Concert Series Duet

A flower can be steeped and drank. A tea can bloom. And a duet can be stunning in its complexity. The Teaposy Concert Series Duet proves this and more with its blend of pu-er tea and whole chrysanthemum blossoms, which play against each other to create an earthy, refined taste with floral notes and a gorgeous presentation. Savor first its earthy, full-bodied toasty flavor with a hint of nuts, and then its long-lasting, mellow aftertaste. This duet is one you certainly won’t forget. Our bodies deserve the best. Pu-er is a unique aged tea with a pronounced earthy flavor. Traditionally, it has been used to aid in digestion, lower cholesterol levels, and aid in weight loss. Its earthy, full-bodied flavor soothes and warms; meanwhile, its dark leaves create an amber tone against the vibrant yellow chrysanthemum petals.

Chrysanthemum, also known by its Chinese name, ju hua, infuses the tea with floral notes above and beyond its vivid, lively display. The blossoms create a presentation that is both joyful and unique. Moreover, past studies conducted in China and Japan have shown that chrysanthemum helps reduce blood pressure, along with related symptoms such as headaches and insomnia. When steeped in hot water, chrysanthemum has also been used traditionally to help reduce fever, detoxify, and cool the body. Some days we have the time to sit and savor Duet’s beautiful presentation. Other days are more rushed; we want the flavors and health benefits of Duet on the go. With that in mind, Teaposy’s Duet comes in a pyramid nylon sachet. Bring the sachet with you and brew in the sachet when you can’t brew loose-leaf tea. However, when you open the sachet and brew loose-leaf tea it’s easier to enjoy the blossoming flowers and colors, especially if you use a glass teapot.