Teaposy Concert Series Sonata

Teaposy Concert Series Sonata

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Teaposy Concert Series Sonata

20th Century music theorists claim that a true sonata rests not on specific instrumental roles, but on how they work together in the composition. Each component in Teaposy’s Concert Series Sonata brings with it a different “tone,” culminating in a delicious caffeine-free herbal tea packed with health benefits. Teaposy’s Concert Series Sonata is an all-natural blend of lavender, rose, hibiscus, sweet leaves, Chinese globeflower, lily, and forget-me-not. Best served with deep breaths and a peaceful smile. The Sonata blend results in a pink hue, creating a naturally colorful presentation. Its light-bodied yet complex flavor is completed by tangy hints of berry. The refreshing and sweet flavor lingers on the palate softly and sweetly. An underwater bouquet of blossoms are brought out by the hot water and emphasized by an all-glass viewing area.

You may not think of lily, forget-me-nots, lavender, and roses as being good for the body, but the Teaposy Sonata is about to change that. Hibiscus, forget-me-nots, and lily all help relax the body, and forget-me-nots and Chinese globeflower have been used to help respiratory function. We all know of lavender and rose in gardens, but lavender has also been said to help relieve headaches and migraines, as well as hold anti-depressant qualities, while rose adds a light floral flavor and is said to strengthen the immune system. As a final touch, sweet leaves add natural sweetness without the calories. Some days we have the time to sit and savor Sonata’s beautiful presentation. Other days are more rushed; we want the flavors and health benefits of Sonata on the go. With that in mind, Teaposy’s Sonata comes in a pyramid nylon sachet. Bring the sachet with you and brew in the sachet when you can’t brew loose-leaf tea. However, when you open the sachet and brew loose-leaf tea it’s easier to enjoy the blossoming flowers and colors, especially if you use a glass teapot.