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Teaposy Daydream Teapot

By: Teaposy
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The Daydream teapot combines classical curves and textured glass accents for a traditional teapot with a modern twist. With a 24 oz capacity, the Daydream teapot has a stout design and a rounded viewing area to capture the beauty of blooming tea. The Daydream teapot also offers several useful additions for added convenience, such as a loose-leaf tea filter in the spout and a unique glass lid holder to keep the lid in place while you pour. To complement its smart, stylish design, the Daydream teapot has carefully crafted glass accents on top of the lid, lid holder and handle.


Features and Benefits

Hand-Crafted Quality

Each piece of Teaposy Glassware is hand-blown with the utmost care and precision to create a product that is truly one of a kind. Designed to present an unparalleled tea experience, Teaposy Glassware gives you maximum clarity for a full view of your blooming tea. Teaposy’s elegant logo is featured on each piece, and with a variety of sizes and styles to fit any occasion, you can collect the entire set.

Heat-Resistant Glassware

Teaposy Glassware is made from Borosilicate glass to withstand temperatures between -4o and 300oF. The Daydream teapot is designed to let you pour your tea easily without disturbing the flower to give you a beautiful, undisturbed view of each teaposy.

Made from Recycled Material

The entire Teaposy Glassware collection is made from 20% recycled material for a tea experience that is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. With all natural teas and partially recycled glassware, Teaposy offers an exceptional assortment of products to capture the art of blooming tea.



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