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Donut House Collection, Decaf Extra Bold

By: Keurig

An easy going drip coffee with bold and dependable flavor, the Donut House Collection, Decaf Extra Bold K-Cup® Packs from Keurig are the ideal way to enjoy convenient decaf coffee without the mess and fuss of a traditional brewer.
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Timothy's Decaffeinated Colombian K-Cup® Packs allow you to brew one-cup-at-a-time of this smooth 100% Arabica coffee. The mild aroma and smooth and balanced body make this a very good choice for use as a breakfast blend. Each K-Cup® Pack’s contained-brewing environment perfectly steeps the coffee during the brewing process for a rich, full-flavored brew. K-Cup® Packs also have built-in paper filters, so there’s no need to worry about a muddy cup.

Timothy's of Canada sources pure origin coffees from countries around the world that grow specialty grade Arabica beans. Only the top 1-5% of any harvest will meet their strict standards for quality. Their coffee experts have developed delicately flavored and carefully decaffeinated coffees. Then Keurig, a subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters of Vermont packages the coffee into K-Cup® Packs for brewing single cups of coffee in a K-Cup® Packs compatible Single-Serve coffee machine.



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