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Whiteout Warmer Dripper Set

By: Hario
Reg. $127.46
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Package Includes
1x Klatch Coffee House Blend 12oz Whole Bean $12.95
1x Hario V60 02 White Ceramic Coffee Dripper $20.00
1x Hario V60 Buono Coffee Drip Kettle $59.99
1x Hario V60 Range Server 600ml Clear $24.00
1x Hario White Paper Filter for 02 Dripper 100 Sheets $5.49
Value: $122.43


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It’s a blizzard outside, cold, wind-driven snow, but you’ve just opened the package with your new Whiteout Warmer Drip Coffee Set and you are preparing to make a cup of intensely flavorful coffee. Already you can sense something special is about to happen. As you arrange the items from the package on the counter you are pleased with the beauty and proportions of the Hario trilogy.

The white Ceramic Coffee Dripper is beautifully formed at 60° with swirling flutes inside to guide the flow of brewed coffee. The durable ceramic body helps prevent heat loss during the brewing cycle. The Dripper will sit gracefully atop the Hario Range Server. Beautiful to look at and made from some of the highest quality glass being manufactured in the world today the 600 ml Range Server vessel is made of thick heatproof Hario glass.

A graceful thin swan neck at first seems incongruous sweeping out from the side of the stainless steel Buono Kettle, until you realize it is purposefully shaped for its function to produce a thin stream of water that you can control. Its distinctive ridges and angled handle add to its unusual appearance but once you lift it and test its balance you will be pleased.

Heat up some clean fresh water, set a Hario white paper filter in the Dripper, and grind a dose of the medium roast Klatch Coffee House Blend produced from premium Indonesian, South, and Central American beans. Well-balanced, mellow and sweet, this elegant coffee is just perfect for a wintery day. As the enticing aroma swirls into your nose, take a sip, glance out the window, and know you can stay inside warm and cozy.



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