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Profitec Pro 300 & Ceado E37J

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Profitec Pro 300 & Ceado E37J

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Profitec Pro 300 & Ceado E37J
Profitec Pro 300 & Ceado E37J

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    The Profitec Pro 300 and Ceado E37J are Ideal for the home basista. The Ceado E37J is the smallest entry in Ceado's esteemed E37 series, featuring programmable timed grinding with dosing buttons for single and double shots. For maintenance, Ceado's Steady Lock System and Quick Set Revolution make cleaning and calibrating the grinder a snap. On the inside, a powerful 300-watt motor makes short work of beans with an output of 1.7 g/s at a traditional espresso grind. Coupled with Ceado's 3-year warranty, the E37J lives up to its predecessor's reputation.

    Built with a slimmer profile than its siblings (10" W) Profitec's Pro 300 is a dual boiler espresso machine with a PID temperature controller. Sporting a unique group head that is heated directly by the brew boiler, the Pro 300 boasts stable temperature and precision control thanks to its dedicated brew and steam boilers.

    Profitec Pro 300: Dual Boilers, PID Temperature Controller and Shot Timer, Ring Brew Group, Vibration Pump, Boiler Pressure Gauge, One-Piece Internal Steel Framework

    Ceado E37J: Programmable Electronic Grinding, Digital Display, 300W Motor, 1380 RPM, 64mm Stainless Steel Burrs, Quick Set Revolution Adjustment, Steady Lock System, Cast Aluminum Housing

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