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Refurbished Ceado E37S Electronic Coffee Grinder in Black

By: Ceado
Refurbished Ceado E37S Electronic Coffee Grinder in Black
Refurbished Ceado E37S Electronic Coffee Grinder in Black Refurbished Ceado E37S Electronic Coffee Grinder in Black Refurbished Ceado E37S Electronic Coffee Grinder in Black Refurbished Ceado E37S Electronic Coffee Grinder in Black

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The NSF approved Ceado E37S electric grinder combines groundbreaking technology with unparalleled build quality to deliver world-class performance. The E37S features a crystal clear touch display for easy use and programming while an improved coffee chute distributes grounds in the center of your portafilter. 83 mm flat burrs and an improved tight-fitting base tray round out the updates to this impeccable grinder.

The touch screen variant of the E37S features three modes of operation, single, double, and "extra" shot programming as well as a manual grinding feature. The single and double, and extra-shot buttons, grind duration, language settings, grinder controls, and more are customizable to your preferences. And, with a See & Set system for stepless, infinitesimal grind adjustment, the Ceado E37S electric grinder is sure to be a barista favorite.

Portioning System Selector

There are four options available: single,double, extra, and manual. The barista will be able to alternate between electronically and manual portioning as needed. Automatic grinding times can be programmed for each type of shot within 1/10 of a second.

Three Modes of Operation

The touch screen version of the E37S has three operating to choose from:

  • Pulse Off: In this mode, you select your pre-programmed dose (single, double, extra) and press and hold the grinding switch with your portafilter. The grinder will count down from your preset time until it reaches 0. In this mode you can remove your portafilter at any time to disengage the grinder. Any remaining time for your dose will be displayed on the screen and you can resume by re-engaging the grinding switch.
  • Pulse On: In this mode you select your pre-programmed dose (single, double, extra) and press the grinding switch with your portafilter. The grinder will operate until the timer reaches 0, allowing for hands free grinding.
  • Dose With Start: In this mode, your dose is selected by pressing the grinding switch with the portafilter. One push begins a single dose, while two pushes begins a double. In this mode, you cannot use the grinding switch to select the "extra" dose function.

Updated Coffee Chute

Refinements to the coffee chute allow the E37S to dispense grounds directly into the center of your portafilter.

Anti-Clogging System and Accessible Burrs

The burrs can be removed quickly and easily, since they are held in place by three screws, located at the top of the grinder. Unlike traditional grinders, the E37S’s burrs have sealed threads to prevent them from being clogged by coffee grounds, ensuring a tight seal. With this smart design, the burrs can be removed for cleaning and maintenance without requiring recalibration once they are put back in place.

Bean Hopper

The durable polycarbonate bean hopper has a generous 11.28oz capacity.


This capable grinder is equipped with a 400-watt motor. It has been mechanically suspended motor with rubber mounts to ensure quiet operation. In fact, it is over 30% quieter than comparable grinders in its class.

All of Ceado’s grinder motors are rectified to guarantee perpendicular alignment of the motor shaft and burrs. A unique design mitigates thermo expansion during the grinding process. This keeps the burrs at the correct distance and value for the grind setting chosen by the user.

Additional Information

  • 26 lbs

  • Burrs operate at 1400 rpm

  • 8.7 W x 21.2 H x 9.8 L

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number:
Depth (Inches):
Width (Inches):
Height (Inches):
Weight (Lbs):
110V-120V (US)
Power Cord Storage:
Recommended Application:
Home / Residential, Commercial
NSF Certified:
Housing Material:
Aluminum (Cast)
Housing Color:
Frame Material:
Aluminum (Cast)
Type of Controls:
Display Type:
LCD (Digital)
Tall Legs:
Grinding Method:
Dispensing Method:
Clearance Height for Portafilter (Inches):
Recommended Grind Selection:
All Grinds
Grinder Setting Controls / Adjustment Type:
Grinder Drive System:
Direct Drive
Grinder Burr Type:
Flat Stainless Steel
Burr Diameter (mm):
Bean Hopper Material:
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz):
Separate Ground Coffee Container:
Number of Grinder Settings:
Grinder Features:
Easy Access to Burrs
Removable Bean Hopper:
Programmable Grinding:
Single, Double, Manual
Bean Hopper Freshness Lid:
RPM (Burrs):
Maintenance Alerts:
Recommended Grinder Cleaner:
Urnex Grindz Grinder Cleaner
Manufacturers Warranty Period:
1-Year Limited Warranty
Warranty Service Provider:
Whole Latte Love
Warranty Service Provider Email: