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Vitrifrigo FG10IBP1 1 Gallon Milk Refrigerator

By: Vitrifrigo
Vitrifrigo FG10IBP1 1 Gallon Milk Refrigerator
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The Vitrifrigo Milk Cooler presents an ideal refrigeration option for use with high end espresso machines. This compact FG10IBP1 model is housed in plastic-coated sheet metal with a brushed stainless steel door secured with a lock and key. Inside, milk is kept at a cool and constant temperature best suited for preparing milk drinks. A milk cooler like this is perfect for upgrading an office coffee bar setup or adding to the convenience of your own home.

Dimensions: 18.2” D x 8.9” W x 13.6” H

Internal Dimensions: 6.4” D x 6.7” W x 10.6” H (approximately)

Weight: 26.5 lbs

1 Gallon Capacity

The interior of the refrigerator measures 6.4” D x 6.7” W x 10.6” H and can comfortably hold a gallon jug of milk.

Thermostat and Thermometer

Temperature can be adjusted via an external thermostat located next to the On/Off switch in the back of the unit. Internal temperature is monitored by a thermometer.

Locking Door With Magnetic Seal

The door to the refrigerator seals magnetically and can be locked to prevent it from being opened accidentally.

Flexible Tubing Options

There are three milk tube holes for greater flexibility when pairing your refrigerator with your espresso machine. There is one hole on the top and two on the sides. Tube hole plugs are included to seal the openings that you aren’t using.

NSF and UL Certified

The FG10IBP1 is safe for use in commercial environments, sporting both NSF and UL certifications.

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