Aloha Island Kona Smooth Kings Reserve Medium Roast Hawaiian Blend

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Aloha Island Kona Smooth Kings Reserve Medium Roast Hawaiian Blend in Pods is the highest quality of Pure Hawaiian Coffee beans, blended with a single estate organic Arabica Sumatra coffee, and roasted to a perfect medium roast level. Aloha Island then crafts the coffee into Kona Magnum Opus premium 10 gram pods immediately after roasting, and seals each pod in an airtight pouch to protect freshness and packed 18 per box. The select coffees used in this blend are all natural and pesticide free.

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Flavor Notes
Aroma Notes: Well-balanced
Taste Notes: Slightly nutty overtones
Finish Notes: Exceptionally smooth
Palate Notes: Natural sweetness
Roast Profile
Roast Profile: Medium
Best For Brewing
Espresso: Yes
Coffee Condition
Single Serve: Yes
Coffee State
Regular Caffeine: Yes
Coffee Botanical
Species: 100 % Arabica
Coffee Packaging
Container: Box
Container Size: 18 ESE Pods
Coffee Type
Blend: Yes
100% Arabica: Yes
Coffee Origin
Country of Origin: USA & Sumatra
Where Roasted: USA
Country Imported From: USA
Social & Environmental
Pesticide Free: Yes

Bean Counting

Posted By: Archie
Dec 23, 2012 05:29PM
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Green coffee beans are usually shipped in 132lb bags, (60 Kilograms) and world-wide production statistics are compiled on the number of bags. World production for 2012 includes 88,818 bags of Arabica and 62,440 of Robusta. To give you perspective on worldwide coffee production and the rarity of some highly prized regional coffees like Hawaiian Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain that make up a tiny fraction of all coffees, here are statistics for 2012 compiled by the US Department of Agriculture.   Brazil leads the world in total production again in 2012 with 40,200 bags of Arabica and 15,700 of Robusta for a total of 55,900 bags or 7,378,800 lb. Vietnam is second for total production with 850 bags of Arabica and 24,150 of Robusta for a total of 25,000 bags or 3,300,000 lb.   The United States, mostly Hawaii, (100/0) and Mexico (4,500/200) make up North American production of 4,600 bags of Arabica and 200 bags of Robusta. Central America produces 14,605 bags of Arabica and 10 bags of Robusta from: Costa Rica (1,600/0), El Salvador (1,475/0), Guatemala (3,840/10), Honduras (5,800/0), Nicaragua (1,800/0) and Panama (90/0).   South American countries including Bolivia (4/150), Brazil (40,200/15,700), Colombia (7,500/0), Ecuador (415/190), Paraguay (25/0), Peru (4,800/0) and Venezuela (880/0) combined to produce 53,970 bags of Arabica and 15,890 bags of Robusta. Caribbean countries produce 920 bags of Arabica from: Cuba (125), Dominican Republic (475), Haiti (300) and Jamaica (20).   Middle East coffee comes from Yemen at 150 bags of Arabica. Papua New Guinea, 1,100 bags of Arabica and 50 bags of Robusta, represents Oceania’s total production. South Asia contributes 1,650 bags of Arabica and 3,685 bags of Robusta from: India (1,640/3,660) and Sri Lanka (10/25).   Southeast Asia contributes 2,580 bags of Arabica and 35,025 bags of Robusta from: Indonesia (1,700/8,000), Laos (0/575), Malaysia (0/1,000), Philippines (30/400), Thailand (0/900) and Vietnam (850/24,150).   Sub-Saharan Africa contributes 9,243 bags of Arabica and 7,580 bags of Robusta from: Angola (0/30), Burundi (225/0), Cameroon (100/700), Central African Republic (0/15), Kinshasa (200/165), Cote d'Ivoire (0/1,800), Ethiopia (6,500/0), Ghana (0/90), Guinea (0/425), Kenya (850/0), Liberia (0/5), Madagascar (25/500), Malawi (25/0), Nigeria (0/30), Rwanda (250/0), Sierra Leone (0/70), Tanzania (500/300), Togo (0/650), Uganda (650/2,800), Zambia 10/0) and Zimbabwe (8/0).  

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