Caffe D'arte Taormina Whole Bean Espresso

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Created in the Sicilian tradition, Caffe D’arte Taormina is a dark, full-bodied espresso with surprisingly sweet flavors. This fine blend delivers abundant crema, hints of oak and lasting chocolate aromas balanced by well-proportioned bitterness. Caffe D’art Taormina Whole Bean Espresso is available in one-pound bags.

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Pawel asked:
posted on Feb 05, 2013 07:33PM

So, is it safe to use the Taormina beans for the Academia Gagia?

So, is it safe to use the Taormina beans for the Accademia Gaggia?

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Mary Ann aswered:
Pawel, You can use this coffee in the Gaggia Accademia! It is delicious, enjoy!

Pawel asked:
posted on Feb 04, 2013 10:15AM

Hi I recently bought a bag of Cafe D'Arte from WL for my Gagia Academia Superautomatic. I just opened the bag this...

Hi I recently bought a bag of Cafe D'Arte from WLL for my Gaggia Accademia Superautomatic. I just opened the bag this morning and noticed that the beans are very dark and oily looking. Can I still use them for my Accademia or will it mess up the brewgroup? Hoping for an affirmative...

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A aswered:
Pawel, Because Cafe Darte is a micro roaster, their beans will vary from batch to batch. I have used (and absolutely love) their Taormina beans since I started here, and have not had any problems with them. I have noticed that sometime some of the beans have a sheen to them, but it's never been...

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Flavor Notes
Aroma Notes: Oak & chocolate
Taste Notes: Sweet
Palate Notes: Full body
Roast Profile
Roast Profile: Dark, Full City, Scuro, French
Best For Brewing
Espresso: Yes
Coffee Condition
Whole Bean: Yes
Coffee Packaging
Container: Bag
Container Size: 1lb
Package: Case
Package Size: Case of 20 bags
Coffee Type
Blend: Yes
Coffee Origin
Where Roasted: USA
Customer Review: 5 Stars

Coffee Spotlight: Caffe D'arte

Posted By: Tracys
Mar 15, 2011 10:57AM
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Caffe D'arte has its headquarters in Seattle, the epicenter of the American espresso movement. A hidden gem of sorts, not always immediately recognizable to outsiders, Caffe D'arte, nonetheless, has a devoted following. If you haven't heard of this artisan roaster, consider this your official...

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