Ceado E7 Semi-Automatic Grinder

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The Ceado E7 Semi-Automatic Grinder has been meticulously built with the coffee connoisseur in mind. This precision-based unit features 64mm flat burrs made of hardened steel and a mechanically suspended motor with innovative sound-proofing features. A one-of-a-kind grinder, the E7 Semi Automatic has accessible burrs that can be detached in under a minute by removing only three screws for easy maintenance.

The Ceado E7 Semi-Automatic Grinder is NSF and UL approved in the US, this grinder is recommended for light commercial or home use. It is designed to minimize heat transfer during the grinding process and deliver consistent coffee grinds for a wide variety of applications, from French press to espresso. This model carries a three-year, limited manufacturer’s warranty on all parts, as well as a limited lifetime warranty on the doser lever spring.

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The E7 Semi-Automatic Grinder's 64mm flat burrs are made of HRC hardened steel for enhanced durability. They are completely parallel and operate at 1400 rpm to deliver uniform coffee grounds.

Grind Adjustments

Ceado’s stepless infinitesimal grind adjustments and see-and-set system makes it possible to adjust grind fineness by simply sliding the ergonomic handle. The Ceado E7 has reduced pitch thread, so grind settings are sensitive and responsive. This unit also has a reduced lever range to prevent grind over adjustment, ensuring that the burrs do not make contact and cause damage to the unit.


The stainless steel doser has a conical chute that doses vertically to prevent waste. The Ceado E7 can dose from 5.5-9 grams of coffee per pull; the doser can be adjusted in 0.5-gram increments. The conical chute is shaped narrowly for mess-free dosing. A stay bolt keeps the dosing stars in position for consistent and accurate dosing. The E7’s doser has a wide, unobstructed opening for easy cleaning and maintenance.


The E7 Semi-Automatic Grinder has a 400-watt rectified motor; the motor shaft and burrs are aligned perpendicularly. The mechanically suspended motor is encased in a shell and rests on rubber mounts to allow the machine to function quietly; this unit is 30% quieter than its peers. The E7’s motor has been designed to minimize thermo expansion during the grinding process; the burrs are always kept at the appropriate value and distance for the grind setting selected by the user.

Bean Hopper

The clear polycarbonate bean hopper can house up to 3.8lbs of coffee beans. It has a wide opening for easy cleaning and maintenance.


8.6"W x 24" H x 14.4" D





Accessible Burrs

Ceado’s burrs are held in place with three screws that allow for fast removal. The E7’s burrs have sealed threads to prevent coffee from getting stuck in the threads; this keeps the seal tight and promotes burr durability. You can also remove the burrs for cleaning and maintenance without having to recalibrate the grinder once they are reattached.

On/Off Switch

An on/off switch lets you control the grinding process to achieve the desired grind volume.

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Chih-Wei asked:
posted on Jun 13, 2013 07:50AM

Do you cary the replacement burs for the E7? You don't sem to have it on your web site.

Do you carry the replacement burrs for the E7? You don't seem to have it on your web site.

Answer on our Community →
mjackson aswered:
Chih, We do have them and give us a call.Part number CE-COD40192.

Nichole asked:
posted on Apr 23, 2013 08:58PM

does this grinder ned 20 or 10

does this grinder need 220 or 110

Answer on our Community →
A aswered:
Nichole, This grinder runs on 110, so it will fit a standard outlet. No need for special wiring!

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Misc Data
Manufacturer: Ceado
Model: E7
Dimension - Width (Inches): 8.6
Dimension - Height (Inches): 24
Dimension - Depth (Inches): 14.4
Weight (lbs): 28
Watts: 400
Volts: 120
Grind Selection: All grinds
Recommended Applications: Home / Commercial
Grinding Method: Burr
Drive System: Direct Drive
Burr Type: Flat
Burr Material: Stainless Steel
Burr Size (Millimeter): 64
Clearance Height for Portafilter (Inches): 2.75
Built-In Tamper: Yes, removable
Housing Materials: Cast Aluminum
Bean Hopper Material: Plastic
Removable Hopper: Yes
Ground Coffee Container Material: Plastic
Frame: Cast Aluminum
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz): 64
Dosser Capacity (Oz): 10
Dosing Options: Doser
Dosser Adjustability (Grams): 5-9 grams
Portafilter Compatibility: All
Number Of Grind Settings: Infinite
Programmable Grinding: No
Programmability type: Manual
Controls: Push Button
Grind Setting Controls: Stepless
RPM (Burrs): 1400
Easy Access To Burrs: Yes
Cleaning Products For Burrs: Urnex Grindz
Warranty (Years): 1
Country Of Manufacture: Italy
NSF Certified: Yes
Recommended Applications: Home / Commercial
Service provided
Repairs By: Whole Latte Love
Contact Number: 888-411-5282

The Ceado E7 Grinder

Posted By: mjackson
Oct 27, 2011 12:23PM
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