Expobar Office Lever & Baratza Vario w/Metal Portaholder

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Package Includes
1x Expobar Office Lever Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine $1,299.00
1x Baratza Vario Grinder w/Metal Portaholder $479.00
Value: $1,778.00
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Saving money doesn't have to mean settling for less. This package, which includes the venerable Expobar Office Lever and Baratza's famous Baratza Vario w/Metal Portaholder is perfect for those looking for prosumer performanc, albeit on a more modest budget.

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Paul asked:
posted on Aug 11, 2014 11:58AM

At what point do I set the brew pressure on the Expobar Officer Lever

I am unsure if the pressure on my office lever is correct. I recently tried to set it and I did so with my screw driver while the machine had been on for a while. I set the pressure to 10 bars, but when it brews, it seems to only go up to 4 bars like before. The machine acts a little funny now...

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Erik aswered:
Plus contact our technical support department in regards to this issue.  They can be reached at 1-888-411-5282 option 3

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