Gaggia Brew Group Service Kit

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Protect your investment with the Gaggia Service Kit, containing everything you’ll need to maintain and clean the brew group of a super automatic espresso machine. For your convenience, two o-rings, a flexible cleaning brush and food-safe lubricating grease are included in the Service Kit.

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Bernie asked:

I have a Gaggia Titanium.  Grinds were coming out very wet, using a non oily bean for superautomatic machine?  Also wet sludge developing in dispensing mechanism. Machine indicates empty bean hopper when fully loaded and has stopped dispensing coffee.  Machine does not seem to grind beans with a full bean hopper. can I do anything to troubleshoot the problem.  Tried adjusting griding settings no luck?   Help. 

Answer by Erik:

I mwould suggest contacting our technical support department at 1-888-411-5282 option 3.  Sounds like some troubleshooting for this issue is the best course of action.

Answer by Sanfam:

This combination of issues (Wet, sludgy grounds, "No Coffee Beans" error, dispensing issues) would have me thinking that your grind setting is definitely too fine for your coffee bean and brewing needs.  I'd suggest starting fresh by fully cleaning and recalibrating your machine's grinder, and resuming your normal routine with a coarser grind.  Start high with a setting of 12-14, and dial it down over the next dozen or two shots.  When adjusting the grind, try to avoid making any sweeping adjustments; Limit yourself to one step per-grind/brew cycle where possible no matter how tempting it may be to make a bigger change!


Ann Marie asked:

My Titanium is just over a year old w/ a couple thousand shots poured and I have not been able to fully understand where and how to apply the lubricant.  I can't see any zerts and the instructions are so vague I am not confident where to place the oil.  It is running fine, just want to ensure it continues to do so.  Thank you!

Answer by Mary Ann:

Here is a helpful video:

You can always call our Tech Deaprtment at (888)411-5282 option 3 with any questions on how to do this if you prefer.

Answer by Mary Ann:

Here is a helpful video:

You can always call our Tech Deaprtment at (888)411-5282 option 3 with any questions on how to do this if you prefer.

Answer by ShaneAncefsky-Sales:


Lubing your brew group should take place every 500 shots.  If you remove your brew group you will see two vertical tracks in which the brew groups slides in.  You will need to apply the brew group lube there.

Rocky asked:

I have the Gaggia Titanium and the LCD screen fogs up with steam after making the espresso. Can you please tell what to do to stop this as I am afraid that this is going to short out my circuit board.

Answer by Louis-Jordan:

Hi Rocky,

Thank you for your question. From what you've described, it sounds like your machine needs a new steam valve. Please call our Technical Support line at 1-888-411-5282 option 3. One of our representatives will be able to order you a new steam valve.

Kaziz asked:

Do the O rings fit a Gaggia Espresso Pure machine? Can I just buy the O rings separately?

Answer by techkathy:

The Brew group service kit is for a super automatic machine. Call technical support to order a replacement group gasket for the Gaggia Pure. The part number is GA-11004543

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