Handpresso Intense Portafilter

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Craving a strong, aromatic shot of espresso? The Handpresso Intense Portafilter delivers robust espresso by increasing the length of the infusion process. Fully compatible with the Handpresso Domepod and Wild, this accessory will add another dimension to your portable-coffee experience.
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Are you a coffee fiend who ventures far from their precious home espresso machine? Do you often stay in motels where coffee is more easily likened to dirty water, and half-way decent espresso is at least three towns away? Or maybe you like to camp, in which case you may be in for a long, hilly ocean laden trek to Italy--well the Handpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor Set might just be the answer to your caffeine deprivation. This portable espresso machine is lightweight and durable, and a camping must have with the inclusion of unbreakable glasses, a thermos and a carrying case.   The Wild Hybrid employs all the technological advancements of a bicycle pump to get to the necessary brewing pressure, just twist the handle and pump up the volume--er.. pressure. It only takes a minute to get up to the green 15 bar mark, take your pot of boiling water that’s conveniently heating over your morning bonfire and preheat your cup--just remember kids, only YOU can prevent forest fires! If you’re using ground coffee, use the handle of your Handpresso to tamp it. Pour the hot water into the dome up to those black indents and add your coffee coffee of choice.   The new version of the hybrid comes with an ESE pod adaptor and domepod for ground coffee--if you like to grind fresh check out the Hario Mini-Mill Slim for a lightweight companion manual burr grinder. Also, something to consider as an upgraded feature is the intense portafilter which delivers an even better crema with a slower extraction time for a more robust shot. Another tip as far as crema is concerned is the tamping procedure, try filling the domepod about three quarters of the way, tamping, then fill to the top and tamp again for better results. If you have access to a cigarette lighter you can light up your Handpresso Auto and your peers will think you’re super cool--plus, no coughing necessary, unless maybe you slurp up your espresso in some offbeat way. The process is the same, except the auto only takes ESE pods and it’s got the heat up covered. When it’s ready to pour, you’ll hear three beeps, so grab your cup and get sipping!

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