Jura-Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

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The Jura-Capresso Infinity is a burr grinder with an elegant, timeless design. It comes in a stainless steel finish for a durable, professional look and feel, or your choice of an economical black or Stainless Steel ABS plastic finish. Under the sleek lines you will find commercial-grade solid steel conical burrs. The Infinity is capable of 16 grind settings allowing for grind range for an Espresso to a nice coarse grind for a French Press. It is also equipped with a 5 to 60 second auto-stop timer mounted on the center face of the machine. To top it off, the top burr is removable for easy cleaning. Please note that most grinders are tested at the manufacturer and coffee grounds may be found in the grinder as a result. All machines sold are new unless otherwise clearly stated.

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The polished and brushed chrome models are made of a heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing. The black model is a sturdy ABS plastic that will hold up for years and the stainless steel model is designed for even better durability and a professional look.

Multiple Grind Settings

The Infinity Burr Grinder has 16 grind settings and will grind from fine for espresso machines to coarse enough for french press. The grind adjustments can be made by turning the bean hopper.

Motor with Gear Reduction System

The 100 watt motor is a gear reduction system. This is important because the slower grinding means less heat buildup which in-turn means less coffee flavor lost. The grinder motor produces far more torque (power) which means less strain on the motor and associated mechanisms and longer life. The grinding burrs incur less wear.

Conical burr grinding system

The Infinity's conical burrs rotate at 420rpm. This slow-speed grinder will produce a consistent grind while emitting almost no static charge and imparts little heat into the ground coffee.

Easy to Use Controls

The Infinity is equipped with a timer on the face of the machine. This easy to use dial can be set to grind from any where between five to 60 seconds. After the set time frame has elapsed the grinder will automatically stop.

Bean Hopper

The bean hopper is made of clear plastic and can hold up to 8.8 ounces of beans.

Ground Coffee Container

The ground coffee container will hold up to 4 ounces of ground coffee. It is made of clear plastic and is removable for access.

Average Rating : ( 4 out of 5 )

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Aaron D asked:


I asked a question about these a while ago and got an answer - but I have looked more closley at the burrs and now I see they are torn up!  It looks as though the upper and lower have come in contact - the upper (the ring) has metal burrs formed (in this case I mean burr as in the "curled-over cutting edge of a tool" sense of the word - not the "coffee grinder part") where the metal at the cutting edge of the teeth is roughly curled-over instead of sharp and angular as when you take a knife to a whet stone.  It might be that a small rock got into the works but the damage is fairly consistant along the edge of the teeth - not jagged.  And I don't see damage to the cone side.  I will order a new part from Capresso, but if it's a trouble with the machine's housing I'm afraid it will only happen again.  Any thoughts on what's going on?  I'm sure this has happened before...



Answer by mjackson:

Could be they get used alot or that you may have had an impediment. Burrs do wear down. I dont think it is the housing.

S. asked:

Does the grinder have to grind all the beans that are in the top holder or can you select a certain number of cups to be ground?

Answer by Whole Latte Love:

This grinder doesn’t require that you grind all the beans that are in the hopper. Using the timer on the front of the machine, you can grind as much or as little as you’d like.

Kathleen asked:

Will this work with a Gaggia Classic or other Gaggia machine?

Answer by Whole Latte Love:

Although the Capresso Infinity grinder will work well with machines that have a pressurized style portafilter, like the Saeco semi automatics, it may have a hard time producing the finer grind you’ll need for a commercial portafilter like you’ll find on the Gaggia machines. As alternatives, I would recommend taking a look at the Gaggia MDF, Baratza Virtuoso, or Rancilio Rocky. All of these grinders will be perfect for use with any Gaggia espresso machine and are also versatile enough to grind for use with drip coffee makers and French presses. You can learn more about these grinders by following the links below and even compare them side-by-side when you click on the link to our Compare-O-Matic.

Ryan asked:

I have read in a few places that the both top and bottom burrs on the capresso infinity are removable and replaceable. Is this in fact the case?

Answer by Whole Latte Love:

The top burr on the Capresso Infinity is removable. This allows for thorough cleaning of both the top and bottom burr. As far as replacing them is concerned, you would need to contact Capresso directly. They can be reached at 800-767-3554.

jeff asked:

Will this grinder work well with a Francis Francis?

Answer by Whole Latte Love:

The Capresso Infinity may not grind fine enough for use with a Francis’ non-pressurized portafilter. As an alternative, you may want to take a look at the Baratza Virtuoso, Gaggia MDF, or the Rancilio Rocky. Each of these grinders will work perfectly with the Francis line of espresso machines and will also be able to acommodate other espresso machines if you ever decide to upgrade. For more information on these grinders, you can follow the links below. You can even compare them side-by-side when you click on the link to our Compare-O-Matic.

I would like to know, wether Capresso is usable in Germany.
The voltage here is 230 V.

Answer by Whole Latte Love:

Unfortunately, we only carry the Infinity in 110/120v and do not currently have any grinders that would meet your voltage requirements. You may want to try contacting Capresso directly at 800-767-3554 for further information on the availability of this item in 220/230v.

Janet asked:

We just bought a Capresso Ultima. Would the Capresso Infinity work?

Answer by Whole Latte Love:

The Capresso Infinity will definitely work well with this and all other Capresso semi automatics, and its range of grind settings makes it usable with drip coffee makers and French presses if you’ll be using it for other brewing methods as well.

Joy asked:

my husband put the grinder back in upside down and locked into place, now it won't budge - is there any way to fix it?

Answer by Whole Latte Love:

In this situation, I would recommend contacting Capresso directly as they handle all of their own troubleshooting and repair issues. They can be reached via phone at 800-767-3554.

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Misc Data
Manufacturer: Jura-Capresso
Model: Infinity
Dimension - Width (Inches): 5.4
Dimension - Height (Inches): 10.8
Dimension - Depth (Inches): 7.7
Weight (lbs): 3.3
Watts: 100
Volts: 120
Grind Selection: All grinds
Recommended Applications: Home
Grinding Method: Burr
Drive System: Direct Drive
Burr Type: Conical
Burr Material: Stainless Steel
Clearance Height for Portafilter (Inches): 3.75
Built-In Tamper: No
Housing Materials: Plastic
Bean Hopper Material: Clear Plastic
Removable Hopper: Yes
Ground Coffee Container Material: Clear Plastic
Frame: Plastic
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz): 8.8
Ground Coffee Container (Oz): 4
Dosing Options: Container
Portafilter Compatibility: All
Number Of Grind Settings: 16
Programmable Grinding: No
Programmability type: Manual
Controls: Timer Knob
Grind Setting Controls: Stepped
Temp 4 Oz Grounded (F): 98
Sound No Beans (Db): 69
Sound With Beans (Db): 71
RPM (Burrs): 420
Easy Access To Burrs: Yes
Cleaning Products For Burrs: Urnex Grindz
Warranty (Years): 1
Country Of Manufacture: China
NSF Certified: No
Recommended Applications: Home
Service provided
Repairs By: Capresso
Contact Number: 800-767-3554

Preparing your own coffee at work can be fun and also very useful. In my opinion it can really help you have a better day at work. I Why not start a trend if the coffee at work does not please you? There are many ways to do this; let’s start with drip coffee. I will walk you through some great suggestions. First, start with great beans like our Whole Latte Love Ethereal, it’s one of my favorites. Or you can try some of our micro roasters, perhaps even a sampler pack like this from Klatch Coffee. Mike the owner is an amazing guy and roaster. I have taken classes from him and really enjoyed them. You may even want to try a coffee a lot of people call up asking for and it is really good and smooth, Lavazza Gran Filtro. All of these coffees are great and if you need more suggestions just give us a call.   Now that we know what coffee to get, lets talk about how to brew it. In my last blog I talked about OCS (Office Coffee Service), if your OCS is no good lets talk about BMOC2W (Bring My Own Coffee 2 Work). We will focus on making coffee for one. I think all coffee should be ground fresh if possible so lets talk a little about grinders.   You do not need to spend a lot to have great ground drip coffee at work. We will look at two grinders that are reasonably priced and will do a very good job with drip coffee. I have always liked this grinder and it has been around a long time kinda like me LOL. It is the Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder, a great value and a very good burr grinder for drip coffee. It’s easy to adjust the grind and the duration and it does a great job getting consistent grind size for drip coffee. The next grinder to look at is made by Bartaza. Owned by Kyle Anderson. Many of you may be familiar with Kyle if you have dealt with Bartaza  and realize that he really cares about customers and has created a great line of grinders. The Bartaza Encore is as close as you can get to perfect for a small home grinder for drip coffee. This grinder is easy to adjust, clean and also has a reduced static container to grind into. If you think grinders are too noisy to bring to work the you can grind at home but it will not be the same or as much fun. It of course may alienate you from some co-workers if you choose to grind loudly and often.   There are grinders that can be even powered by hand. Let’s say if you work outdoors or want to get up a little workout while at work. The Hario Canister Ceramic Coffee Mill is very effective and even has ceramic burs which do a great job of cutting evenly and lasting a long time. It works really well and is fun to use. The Hario Mini Mill is another hand grinder. It is small and can be easily concealed if you want to be a discretionary grinder. It also works well but may take you a while to grind enough coffee as the burrs are small but effective.   If you have to grind your coffee at home then make sure you transport and store at work in an airtight container. That will help make sure you get as good a cup of coffee as possible. You may want to try something like the Vacu Vin. It is made by the same company that makes wine pumps and the containers are designed to keep air out and your product fresh. They really work great.   Now that we know about grinders, in the next article we will talk about my suggestions for what to use for brewing.  

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