Keurig Wolfgang Puck Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cup® Packs

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Keurig Jamaica Me Crazy Coffee K-Cup® packs put a tropical spin on the traditional morning coffee. This flavored coffee has a nice medium roast complimented by a hint of coconut. The unique island twist delivers memorable flavors and aromas, making Jamaica Me Crazy a popular Keurig coffee. These K-Cup® packs are compatible with all all Keurig single-serve machines as well as the Cuisinart SS-700. Each box contains 18 K-Cup® packs.


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Flavor Notes
Taste Notes: Coconut
Roast Profile
Roast Profile: Medium
Best For Brewing
Drip: K-Cup
Coffee Condition
Single Serve: Yes
Coffee Packaging
Container: Box
Container Size: 18 K-Cups
Package: Case
Package Size: Case of 12 boxes

Single-Serve Coffee Cups and Capsules Go Eco-Friendly

Posted By: Whole Latte Love
May 13, 2013 04:13PM
Related Categories Going Green

Ask the experts and many of them will tell you the same thing: the single-serve coffee category is hotter than freshly brewed java. Fueled by convenience, the time-saving system that lets users prepare drinks by the cup is gaining popularity worldwide. Yet, since their inception, single-serve cups and capsules have had to dodge the criticism that they’re inherently bad for the environment. Since single-serve capsules are discarded after each use, the brewing method is not as green as preparing drinks with ground coffee or espresso. And, we’re talking about a lot of cups and capsules. According to the National Coffee Association, single-serve coffee is the fastest-growing sector of the home market, as well as the second most popular brewing method after conventional drip coffee makers. So, what’s an environmentally conscious coffee lover to do? Must eco-concerns be set aside in favor of fast, convenient, and reliable drinks by the cup? Fortunately, leading single-serve manufacturers are addressing the issue head on. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), the maker of K-Cups for Keurig, conducted a life cycle analysis to assess the environmental impact of its single-serve packs. Highlights of the study are as follows: "The most significant environmental impacts are associated with materials production/packaging, the use phase, and the coffee cultivation phase for the impact categories examined." "End-of-Life (EoL) is a small part of the K-Cup® pack life cycle, representing only 5% of GHG emissions. EoL represents only 1% of the energy demand, and 1% of the acidification potential." "The K-Cup® brewing system uses less energy in an office environment than a traditional batch brewing system. This translates into reduced environmental impact in all impact categories over the entire life cycle." According to the study, even though the end-of-life cycle -- when a K-Cup is used and discarded -- is the most visible, it actually only accounts for only 5% of the potential global warming output. Nevertheless, GMCR has put together a program to allow workplace customers in the contiguous U.S. to collect and return spent K-Cups for composting and energy from waste processing. The Grounds to Grow On program is estimated to have recovered 4.1 million K-Cup packs and composted over 85,000 pounds of ground coffee in the same year. The plastic from spent K-Cups saved approximately 139 kilowatt hours. Want to take matters into your own hands, give the Keurig My K-Cup filter basket a try. It is a reusable filter that lets you brew with any ground pre-ground coffee you choose. No hassle, no mess, and no waste. At Nespresso, the talk centers around recycling as well as developing more sustainable aluminum for their single-serve capsules. In the U.S., the company has capsule collection systems in place in cities with Nespresso boutiques including: New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Nespresso has also launched the AluCycle, partnering with mining, refining, retrieval, recycling organizations to improve the sustainability of aluminum. The company has also teamed up with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to promote environmentally sound aluminum practices. Taking its commitment one step further, Nespresso has equipped some of its single-serve machines with an ECO button, which will automatically turn the machine off after 30 minutes of inactivity to conserve energy. The feature is available on the latest generation of the CitiZ machines. As an added bonus, purchase any Nespresso single-serve machine over $199 from now until June 17, 2013 and you can register for a $50 Nespresso Club credit good for free capsules. Illy iperEspresso fans can take heart in knowing that their capsules are made from recycled plastic. The company is working on a method to allow consumers to open, clean, and recycle their capsules. While single-serve systems may not be as eco-friendly as other more traditional brewing methods, the leading manufacturers are taking notes and continually making improvements to their products. Don’t write them off just yet.

New K-Cups Have Arrived!

Posted By: Whole Latte Love
Jun 23, 2011 02:02PM
Related Categories Coffee and Espresso

It's summertime and the living's easy, shouldn't your coffee be simple too? Simplicity is the name of the game with Keurig and we're happy to introduce some new K-Cups this season to keep you caffeinated with minimal hassle. These K-Cups are compatible with all Keurig machines, the Breville BKC700XL as well as the Cuisinart SS-700. Fans of celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, whose restaurants, shows and cookbooks have been American staples since the 80s, can now enjoy his original coffee creations at home. Keurig has partnered with Puck to offer two memorable K-Cups, Breakfast in Bed and Jamaica Me Crazy. For a traditional cup of Joe that's anything but ordinary, try Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed. This medium-roast, single-serve coffee is well balanced and smooth, making it perfect for those laid-back summer days. If you're dreaming of a tropical getaway, on the other hand, Jamaica Me Crazy may the perfect ticket. This flavored coffee puts an island twist on regular java. It is distinguished by a remarkable coconut flavor and pleasing aromas. Not to be outdone, Timothy's and Gloria Jean's Coffees have flavored K-Cups of their own. The first is the exotic Timothy's Kahlua Orginal K-Cups. This light-roast Arabica coffee sets itself apart with enticing flavors of rum, caramel and vanilla. Timothy's Kahlua K-Cups are great for late afternoon drinks or entertaining guests, as the flavors beg to be savored. For more conventional fare, try Gloria Jean's Cappuccino Coffee K-Cups. This is a creamy, medium-roast flavored coffee with cinnamon-y undertones. It has a well-rounded body and balanced acidity. The Kahlua and Cappuccino K-Cups are both certified Kosher. If you just need a quick jolt to keep you going during the dog days of summer, Keurig's new Revv Coffee K-Cups promises to deliver just that. Said to capture “energy in its purest form,” Revv is a striking dark coffee that is undeniably bold. Since it was launched, the Revv blend has been praised by countless customers for being smooth and never bitter. The new Green Mountain Extra Bold Espresso Blend is also another great option for fans of strong coffee. It's a dark-roast blend of certified organic and fair trade coffee. Green Mountain Extra Bold Espresso presents a nice palate consisting of chocolate and vanilla flavors accented by a smoky, fruity undertone. All of Keurig's new K-Cups are available in boxes of 18. But, if you find a flavor that's to your liking, make sure you stock up as they have a very good chance of selling out! No matter if you're brewing at home or looking for a single-serve coffee solution for the office, K-Cups are a great value and offer the convenience of truly hassle-free beverages.

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