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Segafredo Zanetti Whole Bean Espresso Sampler

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Package Includes
1x Segafredo Zanetti Ho.Re.Ca Whole Bean $24.99
1x Segafredo Zanetti Massimo Whole Bean $23.99
1x Segafredo Zanetti Extra Strong Whole Bean $28.85
1x Segafredo Zanetti Intermezzo Whole Bean $8.20
1x Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Casa Whole Bean $8.75
Value: $94.78


With more than 50 million cups of Segafredo Zanetti beverages consumed world-wide everyday; our whole bean espresso sampler gives you the opportunity to share in this experience. The sampler is comprised of 8.8lbs of our Segafredo Zanetti whole bean espresso coffee including: 2.2lbs of Ho. Re.Ca, 2.2lbs of Extra Strong, 2.2lbs of Massimo, 1.1lb of Espresso Casa, and 1.1lb Intermezzo. Each coffee features its own distinct blend, allowing you to enjoy all the unique flavor profiles that Segafredo Zanetti has to offer.


Jim asked:

is this package ok for a super automatic espresso maker

Answer by A:


This sampler is absolutely OK for use with a super auto. There are really just a few beans we have that we wouldn't suggest for use in a super auto, and they are specified in the product description.


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