Sowden Joe SoftBrew Coffee Maker

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The gleaming Black Sowden Joe SoftBrew coffee pot is the outcome of a design genius thinking through the basic steps of a coffee brewing process. By taking a fresh look at how coffee is brewed all over the world, George Sowden saw the opportunity to apply modern manufacturing methods and materials to the simplest of time-proven brewing methods; that is, pouring hot water over ground coffee and letting it steep.

The Sowden Joe SoftBrew stainless steel coffee filter has thousands of micro-holes to produce excellent steeped coffee from

There are lots of ways to introduce hot water to ground coffee but the difficulty everyone then tries to solve is how to separate the spent grounds from the liquid brew. George Sowden has designed a stainless steel filter with half-a-million micro-holes in it and then created integrated porcelain pots with tight fitting lids to accomplish this task.

The beautiful Chinese porcelain pots come in various sizes and shapes and are easy to clean and maintain. By using top grade materials and craftsmanship the Sowden line of coffee brewing pots will last more than a lifetime with minimal care and cleaning. The advanced technology stainless steel filters are made on expensive micro-engineering equipment using a photo-etching process..

Sowden stainless steel coffee filter rinses clean under the tap from

Several benefits to this approach have been realized:

  • You can vary the grind as much as you want to find the best flavor extraction of your favorite coffee.
  • The coffee grinds do not get squeezed or pressed and therefore no matter how delicate the coffee you are using it will give up its best flavor.
  • You can vary the water temperature to your liking for producing the most flavor and aroma.
  • Cleanup is a breeze; normally just rinsing the filter under the tap is all that is needed. All components are dishwasher safe as well.

The gleaming black line of Sowden Joe SoftBrew coffee pots comes in 2 sizes including: 4-cup 27oz and 8-cup 44oz.

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I got thinking after my latest series of blogs about some small coffee brewers that are a little different. Different in a good way. They can brew great coffee but may not be that well known yet. Let’s take a closer look at a few you may want to consider if you want to brew really good coffee at home or the office. First, let’s look at the Sowden Brewer.  The Sowden brewer brews like a French press pot without all the hassle or mess. It can brew any kind of grind, coarse, to fine. It’s all based on a unique filter from Softbrew’s website. The filter of the SoftBrew™ is it’s technological heart; With up to 160,000 holes it is fine enough to block all grounds larger than 150 microns. Practically speaking this means that unlike all other coffee brewing methods currently available on the market, you are free to use any type of grind you like. Fine, medium or coarse, the SoftBrew™ filter will only allow for the passage of the desirable finest grounds (fines) ensuring the thick full-bodied taste which is the hallmark of all sophisticated coffee. This filter mimics what great roasters do to taste coffee called cupping. It lets them get a clear idea of what the coffee truly tastes like. It really does make a great cup of coffee.  Another great feature of the Sowden is the design. Sowden is also a design team and the stark beauty of the brewer is easy to appreciate. It looks beautiful and I could see it as conversation piece at the dinner table. That is until people taste the coffee, then it becomes an object of desire and perhaps an item covetted by your dinner guests. Yes, it actually works that well. You can see the brewer here and also watch our videos on the brewer. Another brewer that is really simple but yields great and complex coffee is the Impress coffee brewer. It is designed function as both a thermos and a French press. It also stops brewing when you press the coffee to keep it  from over extracting. It is very affordable and perfect for one. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you take a look at it.  The other neat thing was that it started on Kickstarter as a project the people could help get off the ground. From its humble beginnings it has has done very well. The premise is simple, the inner stainless steel cup is designed as a reverse flow filter that is pressed down after the appropriate brewing time and nests inside the outer cup. It is inspired by the portafilter, so it allows you some flexibility with the grind size. It is meant to brew for one, travel well, and look sharp.

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