Whole Latte Love Signature Coffee Sampler

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Package Includes
1x Whole Latte Love Buzzopolis Whole Bean Espresso $13.95
1x Whole Latte Love Reflection Decaf Whole Bean Espresso $9.99
1x Whole Latte Love Unconditional Decaf Whole Bean Coffee $9.99
1x Whole Latte Love Ethereal Whole Bean Coffee $9.99
Value: $43.92
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Enjoy a wide selection of our Signature Whole Bean Blends for espresso and drip coffee with the Whole Latte Love Coffee Sampler. Our trademark blends feature the most sought-after beans from around the world and are fresh-roasted to bring out the best flavors in every bean. For espresso-lovers, we’ve included 1lb of Buzzopolis dark-roasted espresso and 1lb of Reflection decaffeinated dark-roasted espresso. And, for drip coffee-lovers, the Whole Latte Love Coffee Sampler includes 1lb of Ethereal dark-roasted drip coffee and 1lb of Unconditional dark-roasted decaffeinated drip coffee.

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Whole Latte Love Coffees

Posted By: DanMoraldo
Nov 11, 2010 11:24AM
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Coffee and espresso are our passions, here at Whole Latte Love. The pursuit of its perfection has led us to form relationships with and offer products from more than 60 manufacturers. We carry some of the most advanced equipment on the market, from grinders to espresso machines, frothers and...

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