The New Gaggia Classic Pro & The Story of Gaggia

by Anthony Licata Updated: March 4, 2020 2 min read
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The Gaggia Classic has been a staple here at Whole Latte Love for decades, and our own Marc and Todd have championed the Classic as the best entry-level espresso machine in the industry. The Classic has always been a machine for all types of coffee lovers, new and experienced alike. Now, we are excited to bring you the Gaggia Classic Pro, Gaggia’s most innovative Classic yet.


The Gaggia Classic Pro is 100% made in Italy to ensure top quality from Gaggia. The Classic Pro looks great with it’s stainless steel housing and sleek drip tray, and a little bit of branding on the chrome-plated brass portafilter gives it just a touch of pride.

Three rocker switches and ready lights for powering up, brewing, and steaming make the Classic Pro easy to use for all coffee lovers. The Classic Pro still comes with a double pressurized portafilter basket, just like the other Classics have, to help beginners make espresso with ground coffee. When you’re ready to move on up and and start grinding your own beans, the Classic Pro comes with a single and double portafilter basket to pull some shots with. As Marc says in his review with Todd on the Gaggia Classic Pro, this is a machine that can grow with you. As you learn how to pull shots, the machine just becomes that much better.

That being said, the simplicity of this machine’s design doesn’t hold it back from upgrading. Improved pump mounting within the Pro makes brewing quieter than earlier Classics, and the new steam wand is a real treat. The two-hole commercial style steam wand on the Classic Pro is a big deal for an entry-level machine. The Pro is now capable of frothing milk into a smooth and creamy consistency that is great for latte art.

Achille Gaggia was one of the founding fathers of espresso thanks to his patents over 80 years ago. Gaggia is a company that prides itself on tradition and the overall quality of their machines. We are very pleased that the Classic Pro keeps Gaggia a step ahead of the pack and welcomes baristas from all experience levels into the world of espresso. For Gaggia, the future is colorful.