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12 Days of Holiday Giveaways! Every 12th Espresso Machine and Grinder Sold is FREE in this collection!

Coffee Cast 2023: Schedule a Live Product Demo with one of our sales experts

Holiday Bonus Latte Rewards! Spend more to save more, up to $200 back on purchases over $3,000!

Extended Holiday Returns until 1/15/24 or 30 days after the purchase date, whichever is longer.


Enter Our Giveaways

Welcome to our contest and giveaway landing page! Here you can find each and every contest we currently have going on to easily sign up for your chance to win big. Keep an eye out here and on our social page for exciting updates coming next month!

You won’t want to miss these limited time offers!

Win a JURA Z10

Win a Personal Robo-Barista: The Jura Z10

Contest runs 12/1 – 12/31. Exclusions apply.

Enter from December 1 – December 31 to win a Jura Z10 super-automatic espresso machine.

What is a Jura Z10? It’s a single machine with all the talents and capabilities of an expert barista.

This baby makes hot drinks; it makes cold drinks; it makes espresso drinks, and it makes milk drinks—all at the touch of one of the easy-to-read buttons on its colorful, intuitive touchscreen.

Did we mention the drinks are delicious? Because they are.

The Z10 won’t tell you to have a nice day, and it doesn’t have a hipster mustache (and it doesn’t make latte art…yet), but other than that, there’s nothing your local barista does that the Jura Z10 can’t do.

Previous giveaway winner smiling with his new 30th anniversary special edition gaggia classic pro.

Say Cheese!

We love to see our customers happy and we want to see our contest winners too! If you win, make sure to send us photos of you and your new set up!

Mark P. ( on the left ) was the winner of our 30th Anniversary special edition Gaggia Classic Pro.

Never Miss a Beat

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