Our Story

Whole Latte Love is the largest retailer of espresso machines on the internet and a noted authority on everything coffee. The company started in 1997, and quickly grew out of a young family’s basement to a large headquarters with multiple warehouses. Today, Whole Latte Love serves millions of customers throughout North America, and it's still 100% family-owned and dedicated to the same level of quality. We’re dedicated to providing our expert knowledge of all things coffee so that you can always enjoy the best coffee at home.


We are relentlessly committed to our customers, guaranteeing the best service on the best selection of products for the home coffee world.


We're The Experts

We’ve been in this business for 22 years, way longer than any of our competitors. We consistently strive to deliver videos and blogs covering everything from product reviews and side-by-side comparisons to buying guides and a Support Wiki.

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We're the experts.
Unparalleled Customer Service.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Our Customer Service Team is the best there is. Period. When you call in or chat with us online, you will find whomever you’re speaking with to be incredibly informed, not to mention, curious, driven, personable, and kind.

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Superior Warranties

Many of our products are backed by a 3-year warranty for parts and labor, serviced by a dedicated team of customer support experts and in-house certified professionals for repairs and troubleshooting.

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Superior Warranties.

Our Dedication to Quality

Quality is our first and foremost mission, accomplished through an impeccable attention to detail at every level of the shopping experience. With heavy research and testing, we select only the best products to feature on our site. We pride ourselves as the experts of the industry, and we make sure that knowledge passes on to you so you can be as informed as possible before making a purchase. Afterward, we support our customers with a vibrant and knowledgeable team of coffee experts available by phone, online chat, or email.

Five star review.

Excellent offering of everything and anything related to coffee made available and served up with "whole latte love" which translates to GREAT customer service.
-Joe. May 9th, 2019

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Our Culture

Whole Latte Love works to create a company culture that sustains a creative workforce and encourages a healthy work-life balance. And, as a successful growing company, we’re always looking for those like-minded to join our team.

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