Slideshow Image: Certified Refurbished Espresso Machines
Slideshow Image: Certified Refurbished Espresso Machines

Certified Refurbished Espresso Machines

Save money and reduce environmental impact without sacrificing on quality. Our factory-certified refurbs arrive in like-new condition—guaranteed.

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Refurbished FAQs

What is the Return Policy?

We accept returns within a 30 day window of the initial purchase date. If you do choose to return an item, you are responsible for shipping and will be charged a 5% restocking fee (in the US). This fee is waived if you purchase a different item of equal or greater value.

Is there a warranty?

Every refurbished machine has a warranty. Depending on the manufacturer and machine, your warranty length may vary. Check the product page for the product you're considering for the most accurate information.

What does the warranty cover?

Our warranties cover parts and labor costs for repairs that are the result of manufacturer defects. For full information on what is and is not covered by your warranty, visit this page.

Can I purchase an extended warranty?

We do not offer the option to purchase extended warranties at this time.

How does a machine get "refurbished"?

The majority of our refurbished machines were returned within 30 days for non-functional reasons, such as size or aesthetic preferences. Despite the reason for return, each undergoes rigorous inspection and testing by our experts to ensure it meets original specifications. Watch this video for details on our refurbishment process and the 10-point checklist our technicians follow.

How can I extend the life of my refurbished machine?

The best way to ensure your refurbished espresso machine (or any espresso machine, really) lives a long and healthy life is to clean and maintain it regularly and use anti-scale water filtration. Using a BWT water filter will help prevent the buildup of scale within the machine, which means it will work better without needing to be cleaned as often. Check our YouTube channel for helpful videos on how to clean and maintain just about every espresso machine we sell!

Will this ship in its original packaging?

Every refurbished machine we sell is shipped in new (unbranded, brown) packing materials that are custom-fitted to the machine. This ensures it has the highest chance of getting to you with no damage.

What do I do if there’s an issue with my refurbished machine?

If you notice anything amiss with your refurbished machine after it arrives, please contact our support team immediately for assistance. If you’d like some help getting the machine set up and learning how to use it properly, schedule a Coffee Cast for 1:1 support!