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    NSF Approved Italian Coffee Grinders

    Ceado, an Italian company, serves over 70 countries and is adored in the US, where its commercial-grade grinders are the only ones to be granted NSF approval.

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    Experience the Tradition of Italian Espresso

    With over 75 years of experience to the name, Gaggia continues its legacy today with a strong catalogue supported by popular machines like the Anima, Velasca, and Babila.

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    German Engineered Espresso Machines

    ECM is a team of specialists who combine years of experience with outstanding competence in the construction of coffee and espresso machines.

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    Profitec Prosumer Espresso Machines

    Profitec designs their semi-automatic espresso machines to be both functional and user-friendly to provide the home-barista with the best espresso experience.

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    Bezzera makes professional and semi-professional espresso espresso machines, exporting its products to approximately 50 countries around the world.

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