Lavazza Tierra - Responsible Espresso

by Whole Latte Love Updated: March 12, 2019 2 min read
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Luigi Lavazza, founder of Italy’s #1 coffee brand, famously proclaimed, “I will not live in a world that destroys the riches of nature!” Since its inception, Lavazza has strived to conduct business with socially, environmentally and culturally friendly practices. The company is a strong global proponent of sustainable development, holding itself and suppliers up to high standards throughout the production process. Lavazza has also teamed up with a number of nonprofit organizations including: Save the Children, International Coffee Partners and the Rainforest Alliance.

In 2004, Lavazza launched the Tierra Project, which engaged farming communities from Columbia, Peru and Honduras as well as the Rainforest Alliance to create environmentally friendly and socially responsible coffee. The first of these coffees, Lavazza Tierra, is a medium-bodied, 100% Arabica coffee with sweet floral notes, fruity flavors and a pleasing aroma. It is particularly well suited for lattes and cappuccinos but can also be enjoyed as an espresso or drip coffee. In contrast, Lavazza Tierra Intenso features strong chocolate flavors and a rich aroma. It is well liked by the Whole Latte Love sales team because of its ability to deliver remarkable drip coffee. Regardless of which Tierra product you prefer, your beverage is sure to taste just a little bit sweeter with the knowledge that every bag contributes to the betterment of disadvantaged Latin American farming communities. To date, Lavazza has built new schools, environmentally friendly wet processing plants and medical centers as well as replanted land affected by deforestation and much more in Peru, Columbia and Honduras.

December is traditionally the season of giving and the Lavazza Tierra Project reminds us that every one of us can do our part to give back. Because of their philanthropic focus and distinguished flavors and aroma, Lavazza Tierra and Lavazza Tierra Intenso are our coffee picks of the month.