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BIT Renato 21g 58mm Double Filter Basket

By Barista Improving Taste

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The BIT Renato 21g Double Filter Basket is a precision Italian made filter basket that improves the sweetness and brightness of espresso.

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BIT Renato 21g Double Filter Basket Overview

The BIT Renato series is a new family of precision filter baskets developed by legendary cup tasting champion Sauro Dall’Aglio. A new collaboration with IMS, the Renato 21g Double Filter Basket is an electropolished filter basket with a deliberate “Pozzetto” shape and 641 hole count. Shots pulled through the Renato emphasize the coffee’s sweetness and brightness while reducing bitterness and astringency for a clean cup and a pleasant aftertaste.

During extraction, water is naturally encouraged to flow down and towards the center of the puck. As a consequence of the design, shots pulled on the Renato benefit from reduced channeling and more even contact time between water and all areas of the puck. The electropolishing further improves the flow of water, cleaning and smoothing out the metal.

Leaning more towards the IT in BIT, the Renato series baskets improve in-cup smoothness as is common in Italian espresso tradition and the Renato prefers a slightly coarser grind.

Holds up to 21g of Ground Coffee / For Use with 58mm Portafilters

Made in Italy and Designed by Sauro Dall'Aglio

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Property Value
Property Value
Portafilter Diameter 58mm

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