Profitec Pro M54 Part Diagram 20200

This is the Profitec Pro M54 Part Diagram 20200. In the list below, you will find all the parts associated with the diagram that are available. Use the parts diagram to determine the part(s) you need.

If the part listed below is not viewable then we do not carry it at this time. However, if your machine is currently in production we are likely able to acquire the part directly from the manufacturer. In this case, contact us by submitting a support ticket. Please be advised that it may take up to eight weeks for us to receive the part from the manufacturer.

Please note: Parts are neither returnable nor refundable. If you need assistance selecting a part for your machine, please submit a support ticket.
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Diagram # Pos # Image Description Price
Diagram # Pos # Image Description Price
20200-1 1
C199900306 Microswitch Group
Part Number: C199900306
$29.17 View Part
20200-1 2 Slide for bean hopper
Part Number: G1014
20200-1 3 Foot
Part Number: G1015
$6.60 View Part
20200-1 4 On/off switch
Part Number: G1021
20200-1 5 Cap nut M5
Part Number: G1034
20200-1 6 Burr bracket holder below 54mm
Part Number: G1036
20200-1 7 Grinding burrs 54mm pair
Part Number: G1039
20200-1 8 Rack portafilter
Part Number: G1072
$1.00 View Part
20200-1 9
G1073 Tap Microswitch Ecm C-Manuale 54 - Parts | ECM ECM-G1073
Tap microswitch
Part Number: G1073
$28.54 View Part
20200-1 10 Ejection
Part Number: G1074
20200-1 11 Ejection cover
Part Number: G1074.2
20200-1 12 Plastic ring gear
Part Number: G1077
20200-1 13 Collecting plate coffee powder
Part Number: G1078
20200-1 14 Grinding level holder
Part Number: G1079
$1.00 View Part
20200-1 15 Fastening burr bracket
Part Number: G1081
20200-1 16 Strain relief
Part Number: G1082
20200-1 17
G1083 Ecm C-Manuale 54 Grind Adjustment Tab Spring | ECM ECM-G1083
Spring grinding level adjustment
Part Number: G1083
$1.99 View Part
20200-1 18 Bean hopper 0,25 kg
Part Number: G1085
$39.00 View Part
20200-1 19 Bean hopper 0,25kg complete
Part Number: G1085.K
$35.99 View Part
20200-1 20
Ecm-C Manual 54 Bean Hopper Lid - G1086 | ECM ECM-G1086
Lid bean hopper 0,25 kg
Part Number: G1086
$15.30 View Part
20200-1 21 Fastening rack portafilter
Part Number: G1087
20200-1 22 Body polished
Part Number: G1090
20200-1 23 Base plate
Part Number: G1091
20200-1 24 Dial wheel digit plate black grey
Part Number: G1092
20200-1 25 Grid coffee shaft
Part Number: G1196
20200-1 26 Motor 220V-240V / 50Hz with body
Part Number: G1218
20200-1 Motor 110V-120V / 50Hz with body
Part Number: G1219
20200-1 27 Cable loom
Part Number: G1251
20200-1 28 Cable Schuko plug Grinder
Part Number: G1400
20200-1 Cable AUS plug grinder
Part Number: G1401
20200-1 Cable USA plug grinder
Part Number: G1402
20200-1 29 Round-head screw M4x12
Part Number: P1992
20200-1 30 Hexagon socket head cap screw M4x16
Part Number: P1996
20200-1 31 Blind rivet truss head 2,4x12
Part Number: P1998
20200-1 32 Emblem Profitec
Part Number: P2063.1
20200-1 33 Lens head screw M3x5
Part Number: P2064
20200-1 34 Capacitor 6 F 230V
Part Number: P3026.1
20200-1 Capacitor 110V
Part Number: G1219.1
20200-1 35 Screw counter sunk head slotted M4x10
Part Number: P6110
20200-1 36 Lens head screw M4x8
Part Number: P6114