Handpresso Pump Pop Review

by Whole Latte Love Updated: August 26, 2019 1 min read
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How the Handpresso Pump Pop Works

Slightly over a pound, the Handpresso uses a bike-style pump to generate 16 bars of pressure for authentic espresso brewing. The ergonomic design and form factor make it easy to use and even easier to take wherever you go.

  1. Turn Handpresso to see the pressure gauge
  2. Twist the pump handle counter-clockwise to unlock
  3. Pump up the pressure until it reaches the green zone
  4. Turn unit over and remove portafilter by twisting counter-clockwise
  5. Insert ground coffee or E.S.E (Easy Serve Espresso) pods and turn clockwise to lock in place
  6. Add hot water
  7. Turn Handpresso over a cup and press the Infusion button to begin brewing

The Handpresso Pump Pop makes a statement as bold as the espresso it brews. Join the Handpresso movement and share with us how you're brewing espresso anywhere.