Profitec Pro 700 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

by Whole Latte Love Updated: August 25, 2023 2 min read
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Enter the Profitec Pro 700

I have the great pleasure today of introducing you to the Profitec Pro 700. Profitec GmbH was founded in 1985. They entered the arena as a developer and manufacturer of espresso machines and eventually decided that it was time to produce a product of superior quality under their own name. I give you the Profitec Pro 700. A dual boiler, that combines some of the best components in the industry, into one machine.

The Boiler Feature

The Pro 700 features a 2.0L stainless steel steam boiler and a .75L stainless steel brew boiler. To control the temperatures of these boilers, Profitec has gone with a Gicar PID controller and display on the front. The PID lets you adjust temperature of each boiler individually so you can achieve more precise extraction variables.

Another great feature is the PID’s built-in timer. When you lift of the brew lever, the timer starts; no more using your phone to time your shots! To increase reliability of the inner workings, Profitec has gone with copper and stainless steel braided water lines throughout the machine. Thank you Profitec!

The Pump Feature

While we’re still on the topic of plumbing, the Pro 700 is fitted with an RPM rotary pump. Rotary pumps are known for quiet operation, immediate and consistent pressure. And, if that wasn’t enough, you can easily adjust the pressure with access to the pump through the bottom of the machine.

To supply this system, the Profitec Pro 700 has gone with a dual water source option. You can either choose to use the water tank or plumb the machine into your water line. Switching to direct water is very simple and very reliable. There’s a manual valve in the back of the machine and switch in the front to turn off the low volume sensor in the water tank. Other models on the market that use an electronic valve system, can run into reliability issues that you don’t have deal with on the Pro 700.

Go Pro with the Profitec

To round out the machine, Profitec went with the industry standard E61 Brew Group. If all this wasn't enough for you, Profitec finished the machine off in pure class. It’s got a one piece steel frame and beautiful high quality stainless steel body panels. Also the cherry on top for those of you looking to service the machine yourself is that all of the components are easy to access. Ultimately, this culminates into a machine that pulled one of the best shots of espresso that I have ever prepared myself. If you are looking for a machine that will deliver over and over again, make sure the Profitec Pro 700 is on your list, it will not disappoint.