The Pro T64, an Excellent Espresso Grinder

by Anthony Licata Updated: August 25, 2023 2 min read
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Details of the T64.

Upgrading from an entry-level grinder to a specialty grinder can be a difficult jump. As you start to climb the price range of specialty grinders, it can be tough to find the right one for you. There's just so many questions you need to ask yourself. What kind of drinks do you prepare? Do you need to grind for drip coffee, or do you only care about espresso? How many shots per day do you brew? It's a lot to think about, but we have some suggestions. The Profitec Pro T64 is a great espresso grinder that offers an easy setup, worm-gear adjustment for precisely dialing in the grind for espresso, and it'll make easy work of grinding your favorite coffee.

What I like about Profitec is their commitment to making quality machines by using solid parts and hand making their products. With all of their work, Profitec has become a top brand in the espresso world.

The Profitec Pro T64

First, the Pro T64 is a real looker in my opinion. The smoke-colored hopper really complements the stainless steel framing of the grinder and helps keep light from affecting your beans. Plus, the black shot timer screen matches Profitec’s PID displays. The metal cutout squares on the side of the grinder match the drip tray of Profitec’s Pro 700 machine, which is a nice touch if the two are together on the counter top.

So, onto the nuts and bolts. The grinder has 64 mm flat steel burrs and a 460 watt motor that allow it to dispense 11 grams of coffee in 2.5 seconds. Programmable timed grinding for single and double shots can be adjusted by tenths of a second, and every shot is counted on it’s shot counter/shot timer. Or, if you prefer more control, the Pro T64 can grind manually by pressing and holding either of the single shot or double shot buttons.

Detail of worm gears.The most useful feature on the Pro T64 is the worm gear adjustment, which lets you adjust the machine’s grind size in very small, fine amounts by turning the gear. This is great for those who are looking to use the Pro T64 as an espresso grinder because of its smaller adjustments, but not for those who need to shift from coarse to fine grind sizes. It takes a long time to move between coarse and fine grind settings because of the slower, more accurate turning of the gear.

If you are looking for a grinder that can quickly grind quality espresso, the Profitec Pro T64 is a good choice to place next to your machine. It has all of the features needed for home use espresso grinding and does so with a few buttons and a solid build.