Cafe Quality: The Ceado E37S

by Anthony Licata Updated: August 25, 2023 3 min read
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Fuego Coffee

The Ceado E37S is a peculiar case in the world of espresso grinders, as, for some reason, it has quietly fallen out of the discussion of the best grinders around. While there might be other grinders that are the being supposedly being crowned the belle of the ball, there aren’t many that can compete with the NSF certified E37S and its overall value. It’s a grinder that we advertise for home use, but really, that isn’t the limit for Ceado’s reliable burr grinder.

In late November of 2018, the writers at Whole Latte Love got to catch up with Tony Colón, a local barista and the owner of the quickly growing Fuego Coffee. Tony discussed with us how he is a fan of the E37S. While Fuego just had a grand opening for a bigger main location at 1 Woodbury Blvd, he still uses the E37S within his Rochester Public Market location every weekend to serve his loyal customers.

Tony had a lot of good things to say about the E37S and about Ceado in general. He started out with Ceado’s E6 grinder in his first run as a coffee shop owner, and although he has upgraded to the E37S and several other grinders in his two locations, he still keeps his smaller E6 around for grinding decaf, which has lasted him over 6 years. That’s the thing about Ceado’s products: they’re quality pieces that the user can depend on.

Fuego Photo

"It’s (the E37S) a good grinder for its price point, and it’s great for home use. It’s user friendly and easy to program, so my employees like it, too. The E37S is lighter than a typical commercial grinder, which makes it easy to pick up and move around the shop." Tony told us. “I’ve barely had to do any maintenance on the E37S during the year that we’ve been using it at the market.”

Keep in mind, Tony uses his grinders all day to serve customers, and gets more usage than any home machine could on a daily basis.

When Tony thought about his testing of the E37S, he reflected he did about 20-30 shots back-to-back before testing the retention rate, which was as an incredibly low .5 grams. The Ceado E37S is one of the best low-retention grinders around, perhaps only second to its shiny new brother, the Ceado E37Z Hero.

As for us here at Whole Latte Love, we are, as of this posting, using the Ceado E37S in our own kitchen right now. Programmable dosing on a simple touchscreen makes switching between single, double, and triple shots easy for us. The 83 mm steel burrs grind consistently fluffy grounds that pour into our portafilter and make for good espresso for our mornings at the office.

You can find Tony Colón, who was nice enough to sit and talk shop with us, and his Ceados at either the Rochester Public Market at 280 Union St. N on Saturdays from 7 AM - 2 PM, or see Tony and his vision of Fuego Coffee at their newest main location at 1 Woodbury Blvd, next to The Geva Theatre here in Rochester, NY, open daily from 7 AM- 8 PM. If you go, you’ll probably get the right vibe from Fuego Coffee, which aims to have people “Come for the Coffee, Stay for the Community.”