Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

by Whole Latte Love Updated: August 25, 2023 7 min read
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Gaggia Cadorna and Caffe Carraro Coffee

Love is in the air — along with the sweet aroma of a fresh morning brew.

When gifting newlyweds with a penchant for coffee, there’s no better present than well-crafted gadgets and accessories to elevate their daily caffeine routine. But no two couples are the same, and finding the right gift comes down to being thoughtful about a couple’s characteristics beyond a love for coffee. From high-quality espresso machines and coffee makers to on-the-go pourover kettles and top-notch grinders, our curated selection of essentials below highlights top picks for every kind of couple — unique in their interests and lifestyles, but united in their deep appreciation for great coffee.

For the busy bees

Some couples always seem to have something going on. Between hectic jobs, social commitments, and the like, these are the couples that have mastered the juggling act — finding a unique sense of symbiotic harmony in the packed schedules that tend to look more chaotic to onlookers.

For these couples, the perfect gift is anything that allows them to add efficiency to their lives without forcing them to slow down. Click-and-go coffee machines and on-the-go mugs are a perfect option, making it easy for these fast-moving couples to stay in motion with their favorite fuel in hand.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Gaggia Magenta Prestige Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

The Gaggia Magenta Prestige is a sophisticated and powerful espresso machine that produces authentic one-touch milk drinks on the fly with a crisp full color display and easy to navigate menu.

This sleek and powerful Gaggia Magenta Prestige espresso machine makes it easier than ever to craft café-style beverages with the push of a button. It’s outfitted with a vivid color display and fully customizable menu with a total of 12 drink options that couples can preset to their individual tastes and preferences. With its host of advanced features, including an auto-frothing carafe and smart programming logic, this superautomatic machine brews the perfect cup of coffee every time as if by intuition. And with easy quick clean features, the beauty of Magenta Prestige for busy couples is that it is designed around efficiency — from every cup brewed to regular maintenance.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug 16oz - Dusk Blue

Meet Carter, a 16 oz multi-sensory enhancing mug made to reveal the best tastes and smells that your coffee has to offer. The Carter Everywhere Mug by Fellow was made to take your coffee with you everywhere and boost your coffee-drinking experience.

The Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug is an ideal match for those who need to sip their coffee on the go, but don’t necessarily want that to compromise on enjoying the experience. Treat the newlyweds to a pair of these stylish, leakproof cups — each one beautifully designed with a tapered lip for easy drinking and an interior ceramic coating with stainless steel insulation for long-lasting heat and flavor retention.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Carraro Crema Espresso

Carraro Crema Espresso, offered in a 2.2 lb bag of whole beans, consists of an 80/20 Arabica and Robusta blend originating from Brazil, Central America and India that’s perfect for espresso. This I...

To accompany their new coffee equipment, give the newlyweds a bag of medium roast Carraro Crema Espresso. A medium roast, low-caffeine blend of 80/20 Arabica and Robusta, the rich chocolatey flavor of this coffee is enhanced with notes of almond and dry fruits. Originating in Brazil, Central America, and India, the beans are then roasted in Italy for a full-boded coffee and long-lasting creaminess.

For the coffee connoisseurs

For some couples, coffee is less of a daily habit or a simple appreciation — it’s actually a way of life. True coffee enthusiasts not only enjoy the experience of drinking good coffee, but they have a deep respect the craft of coffee making, from the quality of the beans and the grinding process all the way to how the coffee is brewed and how every sip is savored.

For these couples, professional-grade prosumers, exquisite beans, and elevated coffee essentials are the perfect picks to enhance a ritual of relishing the art of coffee at home.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

ECM Classika PID Espresso Machine

The ECM Classika PID packs café performance and high-end features you would expect from much more expensive machines into a compact frame, providing unmatched quality among machines of similar size.

Pairing timeless design with exceptional quality, the ECM Classika PID Espresso Machine will quickly win the hearts of a couple with high coffee standards. Despite its compact frame (which is ideal for smaller spaces and minimal counter obstruction), this high-end machine delivers performance on par with some of the most premium and expensive prosumers on the market. A custom machined E61 group head contributes to an exquisite aroma, flavor, and crema, while a PID controller allows greater temperature stability and consistency in every espresso shot.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Acaia Lunar 2021 in Black

The 2021 update of the Acaia Lunar Scale is designed to be the perfect compact scale for espresso brewing. With both automated and manual options for weighing and timing your espresso shots, the Lunar 2021 is here to help you perfect your brew ratios.

The true coffee connoisseurs know that a perfectly brewed cup of coffee is part art, part science. The Acaia Lunar 2021 is a beautifully designed compact scale that enables the meticulous home barista to hone their craft and brew with the utmost precision. Automated and manual options make it easy to weigh and time espresso shots, while the Flow-Rate indicator allows real-time extraction monitoring for perfectly dialed shots every time.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Eureka Mignon Silenzio Espresso Grinder

The Eureka Mignon Silenzio Espresso Grinder is an all-purpose grinder with manual controls for timed and manual modes. With features like very quiet grinding, micrometric adjustment, and straightforward operation, the Eureka Silenzio has a multitude of features that make it convenient for your morning coffee routine.

A versatile all-purpose espresso grinder, the Eureka Mignon Silenzio is, as its name suggests, a silent dream. The grinder is ideal for the true coffee expert thanks to its micrometric grind adjustment knob which makes it easy to make incremental changes to the grind size to get just the right consistency for your espresso shots.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Whole Latte Love Crema Wave Whole Bean Espresso

Tested in our favorite machines, Whole Latte Love Crema Wave is a delicious 100% Arabica blend medium roast coffee with sweet notes of almond and honey.

Our exclusive 100% Arabica blend is a medium roast coffee, best used for espresso. Crema Wave’s specialty grade beans are cultivated across India, Colombia, and Brazil and possess sweet notes of honey and almond. With a beautiful packaging design as thoughtful as the coffee sourcing and development process itself, Crema Wave looks lovely on display as a part of the newlyweds’ full coffee setup.

For the classic duo

On the other side of the spectrum from the coffee connoisseurs, there are the couples who prefer to keep things simple. They relish in a good cup of coffee, but aren’t too fussed with having the fanciest equipment or most cutting-edge machines. For these couples, finding the perfect gift is less about created a decked out coffee setup, and more about helping them augment their minimalist coffee routine with a fresh take on the classics.

Elevated drip coffee makers and understated essentials are a great way to add a layer of delight and refinement to a lifestyle centered around practicality and simplicity

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Technivorm Moccamaster KBGV Select Glass Carafe Coffee Maker - Polished Silver

The Moccamaster KGBV Select Coffee Maker takes all the work out of making a consistent cup of coffee, and coming in nine different colors, it’s a great statement piece in any kitchen. You can personalize every aspect from brewing a half or full carafe, to adjusting the brewing speed and hotplate temperature.

A beautiful upgrade to a classic coffee maker, the Technivorm Moccamaster KGBV Select Coffee Maker adds an element of pure sophistication to an otherwise straightforward and simple coffee routine. Couples that don’t need too many bells and whistles will take comfort in the machine’s user-friendly design and the customizable features, like adjustable brewing speed and hotplate temperature. Available in a range of colors, the standard polished silver is an elegant addition to the countertop, accentuating the machine’s sleek angles to create a beautiful focal point in the kitchen.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

The Baratza Encore is a 40mm conical burr grinder that’s adjustable across 40 degrees of fineness. Its high-torque motor quietly spins the burrs at a low speed of 450 RPM to remove heat and static from the grounds. The versatile Encore is a favorite of ours, and a great value.

The wonder of the Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder lies in its precision. This grinder is engineered to deliver reliably consistent grounds with each use, delivering great quality at a value. Ease of use is integral to the grinder, another highlight for the classic couple that prefers a frills-free setup. The 8 oz. hopper allows users to easily make adjustments between 40 individual grind settings, allowing for a range of brew methods, from coarse brew to espresso.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

notNeutral LINO 10oz Mug - Ozone Blue

notNeutral LINO 10oz Mug - Ozone Blue The LINO coffee mug is designed in collaboration with award-winning baristas for the coffee aficionados at home. The 10-ounce coffee mug in Ozone Blue is known...

The notNeutral LINO Mug is a functional wonder, designed in collaboration with award-winning baristas to create a minimalist design with maximum impact. This 10-oz mug, equipped with thermal insulation, features a unique shape that, while simple, is entirely distinctive and notably comfortable to hold. In a sweet shade of ozone blue, a pair of these mugs gifted to the newlyweds is a subtle nod to the “something blue” of the occasion.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Carraro Caffe del Villaggio Evaluna 2.2lb Whole Bean Medium

These 100% Arabica coffee beans are slowly roasted at a low temperature to create a sweet, liqueur-like taste with a distinct aroma and delicate aftertaste.

Sourced from Africa, Asia, and South America, this 100% Arabic coffee delivers a sweet liquer-like flavor with subtle notes of toasted hazelnut and jasmine. A slower roast gives the beans a more consistent flavor that comes through nicely regardless of the brew style, making this bean just as perfect for the newlyweds’ go-to drip coffee as it is for the occasional espresso they might enjoy together.

For the adventurers

Finally, there are the couples who are always looking for the next adventure. These are the ones who relish an opportunity to wander through unknown places and venture off the grid, ready to take on each day as it comes. That said, while the allure of this intrepid lifestyle is in its freeform nature and lack of rigid structure, the coffee-loving adventurers will always welcome some level of routine in their days if it means getting their coffee fix on the regular.

To that end, nifty equipment like pour-over kettles and radial Infusion brewers are the perfect way for wandering newlyweds to enjoy the finest coffee anywhere and everywhere, no matter where their adventures take them.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Ceado Hoop Coffee Brewer - Ghost

Hoop is an award winning No Bypass coffee brewer that simplifies manual brewing by ditching the complexities of pour over extraction in favor of a unique two-piece design that introduces water to your coffee evenly via the Water Crown and Filter Tower.

The pourover method of making coffee is a fantastic way to brew great coffee at home, while prioritizing ease and efficiency. That said, the process of getting a good cup from a pourover requires careful consideration as to the method, since even extraction is the key to a balanced flavor. To simplify things, the Ceado Hoop Coffee Brewer was designed to allow for a more hands-off process with room for experimentation when it comes to things like grind size, water temperature, and filtration. The flexibility of this no-bypass coffee brewer makes it perfect for adventurous couples who might need to adjust their methods according to their means or what’s available to them in any given location.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Fellow Stagg 1L Pour-Over Kettle - Matte Black

The Fellow Stagg 1 L Pour-Over Kettle in matte black has a sleek, minimalist design and comes with a base that fits on just about any countertop without taking up too much space. The precision pour spout helps ensure a slow, steady pour, the built-in thermometer lets you know when your brew is the ideal temperature and the counterbalanced handle allows for easier handling.

The sleek Fellow Stagg 1L Pour-Over Kettle is a sophisticated kettle that delivers as much aesthetic value as it does functional. The kettle holds one liter of water and contains a built-in thermometer to highlight the ideal brew range (between 195–205 degrees Fahrenheit). The considered design of the kettle includes a counterbalanced handle for comfortable pouring, as well as a precision spout for a steady pour. The compact size of the piece means that it takes up minimal counter space when being used at home, or is easy to bring along on any adventure.

Coffee-Focused Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Lavazza Qualita Oro 100% Arabica Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Lavazza Qualita Oro 100% Arabica Medium Roast is a full bodied coffee that is smooth and aromatic roasted in the traditional style in Italy. The Lavazza passion for absolute quality is evident in ...

Lavazza’s Qualita Oro 100% Arabica Medium Roast coffee is a full-bodied coffee, with a delectably smooth, aromatic, and creamy finish. Roasted in the traditional style in Italy, a brew made from this coffee carries qualities consistent with the finest espresso, showing an attention to quality in every cup. Pre-ground for convenience, this coffee is the perfect pick to have in tow when moving around or exploring away from home.