Whole Latte Love Launches Community Page and Live Stream Events to Bring People Together Amid Pandemic

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: March 27, 2020 2 min read
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Whole Latte Love launched a series of Live Stream events on their YouTube channel, starting March 18th and continuing for the foreseeable future to ensure customers are getting the best experience possible while stuck at home. Whole Latte Love's Live Streams will be running on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1PM EST, and upcoming topics will explore:
  • Choosing an Espresso Grinder (Tuesday, March 31 @ 1PM EST)
  • Water Filtration for Espresso Machines (Thursday, April 2 @ 1PM EST)
  • Best Value Entry-Level Home Espresso Machine and Grinder Combo (Monday, April 6 @ 1PM)
Along with their Live Stream events, Whole Latte Love has launched their new Community Page, where coffee lovers can share their experiences and keep up to date on upcoming events. Here, coffee lovers can find the latest updates on past or upcoming Whole Latte Love Live Streams, their latest blog articles, and the latest updates on all things coffee and espresso, as well as an opportunity to be featured on their Instagram page.

For those stuck at home, you can share pictures of pulling shots of espresso, or send over Augmented Reality screenshots of your dream machine and tag them on Instagram @wholelattelove or you can submit them to marketing@wholelattelove.com.

In response to the New York executive order for all non-essential businesses to close, Whole Latte Love overhauled operations to stay open and available to meet their customer’s needs. Recent changes to their operations include:
  • Shipping and tech shifts that respect social distancing at their warehouse located in Rochester, NY
  • Remote work for the majority of their marketing and support staff
  • Special preparations to keep popular items available in the event of manufacturer shortages
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitation regimens for all common areas and work spaces
In a blog article published by the Founder and CEO, Gary Salzman, he stated, “Whole Latte Love is resilient, we've survived not only Y2K, the Dot Com Bubble, the stock market crash of 2000, and the great recession, but also local challenges including an ice storm in 2003 and numerous blackouts. We suspect that difficult times may still lie ahead, but diamonds are born under pressure.” Whole Latte Love’s top priority during this quarantine is to ensure that their staff’s well-being is taken care of and that they can effectively serve their customers to make sure everyone’s caffeinated and are equipped to get through this difficult time. To that end, with supporting research from the CDC and FDA, Whole Latte Love affirms that all coffee they stock are safe to consume.

For any help, questions, or concerns about espresso machines or coffee, Whole Latte Love’s customer support staff are available during their normal business hours:
  • Monday - Thursday, from 9AM - 9PM
  • Friday - Saturday, from 9AM - 6PM
  • Sunday, from 10AM - 6PM.