Eureka's New Arrivals: The New Mignons and Atoms

by Anthony Licata Updated: July 12, 2019 3 min read
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The Eureka brand has always produced some of the best looking grinders. The unique designs really add an interesting style to your coffee bar. The Eureka Mignon and the Eureka Atom have been two of our most featured Eureka grinders and now we are excited to present their newest models, which come with new features that will make grinding faster and quieter in the morning.

The Eureka Mignon Silenzio, Specialita, and Perfetto

We’ve always thought the Eureka Mignon was a pretty grinder that offered a compact product for home use. Now, the three new Mignon’s each have something different to offer coffee and espresso drinkers, giving them several options for their morning grinder.

Eureka Silenzio switches.The Eureka Silenzio is the base model of the three. It works almost exactly as the original Mignon, but is now quieter at 73 dBA. It features the same convenient functions as the previous model, like a switch on the bottom to move between manual and timed grinding, Eureka’s unique burr system to keep your grind setting in place after cleaning, stepless adjustment for all-purpose grinding, and 50 mm flat steel burrs. The Eureka Silenzio is good for someone who wants an entry-level grinder that saves space and stays fairly quiet.

The Eureka Specialita is another Mignon grinder that has more to offer to someone who needs to grind for multiple people. If you are in a household of coffee or espresso drinkers, the Specialita has 55 mm burrs and can put out a double shot in about 10 seconds. The Specialita has all of the same features as the Silenzio, and has a bright and easy to read touchscreen display. The new touchscreen makes it easy to switch between single and double espresso shots, pick either timed or manual grinding, and adjust timed grinding in tenths-of-a-second increments.

Close up view of the Eureka Perfetto knob.The Eureka Mignon Perfetto is the same price as the Specialita, but the two do have key differences. The Perfetto has all of the same features as the Silenzio, including the same 50 mm burrs, but features the touchscreen and a new Easy Setting System for its grind adjustment knob. The knob is colorfully split into multiple parts to convey different brew methods like Turkish, drip, and espresso. This is great for anyone that wants to make adjustments easily without having to play too much to change their grind size.

The Eureka Atom Specialty 65 and 75

Photograph of the Eureka Atom Specialty 65 grinder's screen.The Eureka Atom is a really good mid-level espresso grinder that we found to be really quiet while still dispensing fluffy grounds. The Eureka Atom Specialty 65 keeps all of the best features of the original Atom with bigger burrs and a 510 watt motor. The Atom Specialty grinders still have the anti-clump and static system from Eureka, micrometric adjustments, infinite grind settings, and an easy button layout to choose between single, double, and manual doses. The Atom Specialty 65 makes a great addition to any kitchen that needs a sturdy, quiet grinder for multiple morning espressos. The Atom Specialty 75 is even bigger with 75 mm flat steel burrs and an 800 watt motor for a more powerful grind. The Atom 75 should be considered for the coffee lover who has to grind a lot of coffee in the home setting, and typically keeps their setting closer to espresso.